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DIY Home Décor Ideas

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Decorating your home from top to bottom can be really expensive, especially when you have to buy furniture. However, home décor doesn’t always have to break the bank. In fact, there are certain DIY projects that you can easily utilise for giving your 2 BHK flats in South Mumbai a makeover. And in this article, we have discussed some of them. 

Let’s take a look at them!

Focus on Your Curb Appeal

Your front door is the first thing anyone notices when they visit your place. Therefore, fixing it should be your top priority. Whether your front door needs fixing or needs a fresh coat of paint, you should try to do the needful asap and give your curb a new appeal. 

Upgrade Your Hardware

Hardware such as doorknobs, cabinet handles, faucets, and taps may look insignificant, but they affect the outlook of a place. Therefore, replace your outdated hardware with the latest one and give your home an instant modish makeover. Swapping out your hardware isn’t difficult at all. You just need a screwdriver and you can easily do it in no time.       

Add New Colour

Giving your place a new colour is indeed one of the cheapest and most potent ways of revamping a place. It can completely change the outlook of your home. Try to blend in different colours and make your area appear roomier than it actually is.

Create Your Own Accent Wall

Accent walls can significantly change the outlook of a room. Therefore, if you want to add more character to your place, you should create one. Doing this isn’t difficult at all. You can simply paint the main wall of your room in a bold colour that makes a contrasting effect in your room. 

To give more appeal to your accent wall, try to hang some statement artwork over it. Even if you don’t have one, you can easily create it using our next hack.

DIY Artwork

You don’t have to spend dollars to get yourself an artwork; you can create one on your own. Pick up any of your scarfs that look artistic and get it framed. Or you can use washi tape to create different abstract patterns on a frame and display them. Another great hack is to get a wallpaper or fabric framed.

Transform Your Window into a Seat

One of the biggest problems that people living in flats face is the shortage of space. Well, we’ve got the perfect hack to solve this problem. Simply, transform your window sill into a seat. It’s an easy process and doesn’t take a lot of time. Most of the flats in Byculla use this hack to create additional seating space for their guests. 

To do this, simply clean out your sill, place some carpet or soft fabric on it, and fix it using nails or pins. Now to make it comfy, place some throw pillows or cushions over it and Voila! Your window seat is ready. 

If you know how to utilise your existing décor, you can easily give your place a complete makeover without even spending a dime. We hope that by using these DIY projects, you will be able to amaze your guests.

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