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4 Great Small Business Advertising Ideas

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Small Business Advertising Ideas

Did you know that there are more than 30 million small businesses registered in the United States alone? Small businesses make up almost 100% of companies in the country!

On one hand, this is an incredible statistic, as it means that anyone can create a small business. On the other, it’s a bit overwhelming, because it means an enormous amount of pressure and competition for small business owners.

In order to stand out among the crowd, it’s essential that you get the most out of your small business advertising. And we’re here to help you do it! Read on to learn a few advertising ideas that will help you build a thriving business in no time.

1. Build an Online Presence

Utilizing social media is a no-brainer. It’s not only free but one of the most effective marketing tools available for businesses of all sizes.

Choose one or two social media platforms and begin posting. Aim for one high-quality, high-value post per day, unless your chosen platform is Twitter or TikTok, in which case multiple posts per day is preferred.

Be yourself! Your social media presence should allow your customers to get to know you and your brand, building a relationship that will inspire trust and customer loyalty.

2. Assist With a Charity Event

People want to feel that they’re supporting a brand and a person who’s a positive addition to their community and the world at large. What better way to help your community than by assisting with a charity event?

Volunteering yourself or your goods and services for the event is great, but if you don’t have time, you can simply promote the charity using your social media and business website.

You’ll be boosting your brand visibility in a positive way while doing your part for a cause that’s important to you!

3. Create a Customer Referral Program

Among the most powerful strategies for marketing your business is to put your existing customers to use. Think about it – are you more likely to use a product because you saw a random advertisement for it, or because a close friend or family member recommended it?

Offer your existing customers a reward for bringing in new customers. This could be a free sample, a discount, or a gift card for your services. The best reward is one that is valuable to your customers while being inexpensive for you.

4. Host an Event

Speaking of ways to reward existing customers while bringing in new ones, another fantastic way to do so is by hosting a free event or class for your community. Advertise your event on your website and social media, and use some templates flyers to create physical ads you can hang on community bulletin boards.

Since you’re offering a free service rather than flat-out advertising, libraries, coffee shops, and other local businesses should have no problem with your flyers.

Grow Your Company With These Small Business Advertising Ideas

As a small business owner, you know it’s not enough to be good. Because your customers have so many options to choose from, you have to be outstanding.

Now, the first thing to perfect is your customer experience. But when you know you have something great to offer your clients, it’s time to move onto small business advertising. Using these ideas, you’ll customer base will begin to grow faster than ever before.

Interested in learning more about developing a thriving business? Take a look at our blog!

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