February 8, 2023

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Why Is It Better to Get Artificial Plants Rather Than Real Ones?

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Artificial plants have become a new trend these days. Rather than buying real ones, people are investing in fake plants. When it comes to enhancing your house’s looks, artificial plants never fail to do their job with perfection.

We all want our houses to look their best, and what else could be better than the touch of nature? But can we all agree that dealing with real plants could be a bit daunting after some time? That’s why people are going gaga over fake plants. There are various reasons why artificial plants are so much in trend if you wonder why then here are some of the reasons why artificial plants are making everyone their fans.

Minimal care

One of the most challenging parts of being a real plant owner is taking care of them. You need to take a lot of things into consideration, such as the climate, the quality of soil, proper sunlight, and whatnot. If you will disturb a single plant health factor, then you would get nothing but disappointment. But this is not the case with artificial plants. They don’t need much care. These plants are not affected by anything. You don’t have to worry about watering them, fertilizing their soil and anything else. All you need to do is clean them sometimes.

Suits every place

It has become a fashion statement for a commercial building to add plants. Because it is easy to maintain artificial plants, commercial places are making more use of them. Artificial plantsare not just for commercial establishments but also residential buildings. You can place them wherever you want; be it your balcony, living room or the bedroom. They can become a great addition to any place. It is not just the plants, but you can see artificial vertical wall plants being used everywhere these days.

Can be easily styled

We all know that we can shape and style real plants the way we want but do you know that you can do the same with artificial plants? Styling artificial plants is really easy and don’t take any extra effort. You can modify them as per your wish. It is easy to cut off some leaves or stems. If the plant is too much puffed up and wants to trim some leaves, it will just take a couple of minutes to do this job.

They are easy to move

In case you are about to move to a new location or just want to change your plant’s spot, you can easily do it with artificial plants. However, when it comes to real plants, you have to worry about the plant’s health. Let’s say your bedroom is much cooler than your living room. If your plant is growing perfectly in the bedroom, it might not survive in the living room. But with artificial plants, you don’t have to be concerned about anything because nothing affects their condition. 

Can be placed next to real plants

So you thought that artificial plants could not be placed alongside real plants? Well, guess what? It is not true! From small artificial plants to huge artificial bushes, you can add anything that you want to along with the collection of your real plants. Sometimes, a couple of plants look amazing, but it is a struggle to take care of them. You can use an artificial version of those plants. This way, you wouldn’t have to be worried about their health, and you can beautify your place with least plant maintenance.

Use them as a home accessory

We all know that plants are the best things you can get to enhance the beauty of your place; be it residential or commercial. Artificial plants can be a fantastic home accessory if you and the best part is that you don’t have to think about how and where to place them. They will look stunning in every way. If you want to give your house a touch of nature, adding artificial plants would work perfectly. For people who like to maintain their gardens, artificial plants would be utter perfection.

They last long

Artificial plants last longer than the real one. Fake plants don’t need any maintenance. They are neither affected by the quality of soil or weather conditions. This is the reason why they have a long-lasting life. We all can agree to this point that artificial plants may seem to be an investment at first. But their minimal cost of maintenance and durability makes them worth every penny you send on them.

They are affordable

The idea of buying artificial plants can be a bit costly because they are more expensive than real ones. But think this way, natural plants will need good quality soil that you might have to purchase, you will have to spend a lot on manure and what not. The collective expense of taking care of your real plant would be more than the worth of buying fake or artificial plants.

Fake plants are not toxic

If you have kids or pets in your house who like to nibble on things lying around, you have to be very selective about what plants you are keeping in your place. Some plants are extremely toxic, and you cannot make the mistake of keeping them in your home. However, with small artificial plants, you will be stress-free because they are not toxic in any way. You can keep them wherever you want.

The variety of plants

There are various fake plants available in the market, and you can choose any of them. But when it comes down to the real ones, you don’t have many options. The growth of the plant depends on various factors leaving you with limited choices. If you live in a warmer region of the world and want to get a plant that grows in cooler areas, you would have to suppress your wish. But artificial plants are always there to fulfil your desires.

They are a perfect gift

If you are thinking to gift something to your dear ones, then artificial plants would be perfect. The person wouldn’t have to take care of them every day, they could place it anywhere they wish to, and the plants would always remind them of you. Since the artificial plants come in a variety, you have some excellent choices to make. They make a fantastic addition to houses, and that’s why this gift will be beneficial to them.

The end

Artificial plants can be seen in every house and workspace. They don’t just look good but also give the place a touch of greenery. These days, every person is going crazy for these real-looking artificial plants as well as fake vertical garden, and there are various reasons for this. It is easy to maintain them, and you can use them the way you want. From gifting fake plants to someone to use them for decorating your house, they are multipurpose. We have mentioned some key reasons why it is better to get artificial plants rather than the real ones, and we hope the next you will go out for plant shopping, you will keep these points in mind.

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