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Three Best Run-Flat Tyres Money Can Buy

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Run-Flat Tyres

Run-Flat Tyres

The automobile industry is constantly advancing to improve customer experience and convenience and redefine luxury. With the automobile sector, the tyre market is evolving with modern tyres coming with the latest technologies to make the drives more comfortable and safer. One such product of research and development is the run-flat tyre, which, as the name suggests, can go through a few miles even after going flat. Most of the vehicle brands today have opted for run-flat tyres as the standard.

Some of the premium quality run-flat tyres can go as fast as 80 kmph on a good day. Although, you must take note of the speed and distance on the flat tyres. Also, it is highly recommended that you only use these tyres on the vehicles with a pressure monitoring system or else you won’t know when the tyre pressure gets critically low because the vehicle will be moving smoothly. Since run-flat tyres can offer a limited distance, you have to know the exact moment when they get flat so that you can rush to the nearest garage.

Also, you can choose from two categories of run-flat tyres, the reinforced sidewalls one and the inner hard rubber one. The reinforced sidewalls run-flat offers extra protection through the double layer, and the other one has a hard rubber ring within the outer wall to act as firm support in the event of a burst. Run-flat tyres are great for security, so here is a look at the three best run-flat tyres that are worth your investment.

Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus ZP

These Michelin run-flat Performance Tyres Leicester are the best in season. And, what makes them even better is that they ensure high performance under all-season, including light snow. These tyres use two tread compounds for varying conditions. The outer shoulder treads are meant to improve dry grip handling, and the centre rib treads ensure complete traction on wet and snowy roads. It is quite baffling that these tyres are also the original equipment replacement for Corvette C6, making them high-performance run-flat tyres.

Therefore, with a set of these Michelin Pilot Sport, you can get high-speed corner steering without compromising the longevity. These tyres use self-supporting reinforced sidewalls to run smoothly on low pressure. But, they are available in a limited size; hence, if they match your stock tyre’s dimensions, go for them.

Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval RFT

These are yet another run-flat masterpiece that is also an OE for the Corvette C6. High-performance summer tyres ensure complete grip and traction at high speeds on dry and sandy roads. They also show great responsiveness on wet roads, but they are not recommended for snowy or icy conditions. Also, if you live in dry winter conditions, where the temperature drops below seven degrees, do not opt for these tyres.

These strict summer run-flat tyres. Firestone Firehawk also uses reinforced sidewalls technology to ensure smooth movement on low pressure. The company claims that these tyres can go upto 50 km at a whopping 70 mph.

Bridgestone Potenza RE050A Pole Position RFT

This is a high-performance run-flat summer Tyres Leicester by one of the premium tyre brands in the country. They are not suitable for ice, snow or temperature below seven degrees. However, you won’t get any better performing and responsive dry grip tyres. It has large and continuous tread blocks with a centre ring for complete traction on dry roads.

Also, these treads are made of advanced silica compound, which improves the responsiveness and reduces the braking distance. The wide and circumferential treads are efficient in flushing the water and ensuring the top of the class aquaplaning resistance, so you don’t have to worry about skids and slides on damp roads.  

These Bridgestone tyres also work on the reinforced sidewalls technology, and they were also manufactured as an OE replacement for Corvette C6. Hence, they are an ultra-high performance, and they are available in limited size.

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