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Sqex Me Link: Sqex.Me Link

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sqex me link

Sqex Me Link is a link to connect to your Square Enix account with a unique code known as”the Link code. It is the link code contains 9 digit code that allows Square Enix member to link up their account in order to enjoy games such as Marvel’s Avengers on various platforms like PSN, Fortnite, Steam and more.

The purpose of the link and Sqex codes is that they connect a Square Enix member in other ways to enable Marvel’s Avengers many players along with their friends. You will also have access to new heroes as well as future story and world expansions.

Thus you can see that you can see that the codes are an essential component of the platform, allowing users join their Square Enix account with their preferred devices and play games with all the features that are locked not locked.

You can connect to your Square Enix account with your selection of devices. It is not just to unlocking Marvel’s Avengers through your account by itself. You can unlock all games that are locked PSN or Epic game feature using the code

In this article, we’ll examine and discuss how you can connect Square Enix to play games such as Marvel’s Avengers, Fortnite with the assistance by code. link code.

Create Account

This applies to everyone Square-Enix customers. If you have already signed up through Square Enix, skip this section and go to the next section.

  • Visit Square Enix’s Square Enix official Square Enix website on your phone or computer browser.
  • Click the “head” icon in the upper right corner and choose “Join Today” from the drop menu.
  • Fill out the “Sign up” request form and provide your personal details. Review the terms and conditions and click “Sign to sign up.”
  • Square Enix will send a confirmation link to your email address. Log in to the email address you have registered with, then open the email sent by Square Enix and tap on ” Complete your account.” 
  • A new tab will be opened when you click on the link in full. Within the tab that opens, a thank-you message will show to confirm that you have created an account with Square Enix. Square Enix account.

After you have created the Square Enix account you can follow the steps below to connect the account of your Square-Enix account to preferred devices. to the PSN account

Here is a brief overview of how you can link the account of your Square Enix account to your PSN account by using your Sqex my link.

  • Get Your Marvel’s Avengers Beta
  • Confirm your sign-up by replying to the email sent by the Avengers Beta.
  • Click “X” in order to move on. You can also select the option button within the pad configuration to proceed. Keep track of the process of linking on your screen. In this moment you will have a QR code, along with the code displayed on the screen.
  • Now, open a web browser on your computer or phone and then go to
  • Log in to the account you have created with your Square Enix account with your username and password.
  • Enter the 9-digit code on the TV screen.
  • A pop-up window will pop up asking you whether you’d prefer to link to your Square Enix account. Choose “yes I would like to link my account”
  • After success after the link has been successfully completed, a thank-you message will show up on your phone or computer screen, depending on the device that you are using to set up the link.
  • It is at this point that the Sqex page for linking code will be refreshed automatically and a positive message will display indicating to confirm that you’ve successfully connected to your Square Enix account to your Profile.

This is how easy it is to use as well as the code that will connect to your Square Account to PSN.

Link to your Epic Games

To connect to your sqex/link Square Enix account to your Epic Games account follow the steps below.

  • Visit the Avengers or Fortnite website in your browser and click on”Login” or the “Login” option. If you’re a new user, choose “Join” to sign up for an account. Square Enix account.
  • Input the details of your Square Enix email and password in the field provided, and click “Login.” Make sure to select “Remember Me” to ensure that you do not need to type in the login information again.
  • Then, you can select “Link your account” to start the process. connect the account of your Square Enix account to your Epic Game.
  • Choose “Epic Game” from the available games, and then sign into the Epic Games account according to the directions displayed on screen.
  • Take the time to read the content and make sure you comprehend the information. After you have finished studying it, click”Allow” “Allow” button to the Square Enix permission to access your Epic Games.

This will link the Epic Games and Square Enix account, regardless of the standard link code that was discussed earlier within section PSN section.

rocketleague activate

Link Steam Account to

If you have each of your Steam or Square account, you can join each of your Square and Steam accounts without using the standard link code that is displayed on the TV screen.

  • Visit the Square-Steam link site. You will need to enter the details of your Steam account username as well as password, and then click “Link Account.”

A message that is successful will show showing that you’ve successfully connected the Steam account to Square. Steam account with the Square account.

This is easy enough for someone who doesn’t know much about technology to grasp. If you’re not able to connect your Square account, write a message below and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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