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How Does Low Rolling Resistance Tyres Affect Its Grip?

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Tyres Affect Its Grip

Tyres Affect Its Grip

Low rolling resistance tyres have surged in popularity. As technology advances, low resistance tyres offer you a lot of grip for seamless braking and acceleration. But before you think about switching to it, it is best to find out what exactly low rolling resistance entails. So keep reading to know how rolling resistance works and the benefits that low rolling resistance tyres provide.

Low Rolling Resistance

As you know, friction is generated when a tyre rotates on the ground. It is the basic element of grip. Friction is very important as it gives you traction and prevents your vehicle from sliding on the surface. Thus, rolling resistance is crucial. However, it also has a downside. Rolling resistance and the resultant friction that it provides consumes power from the engine. Consequently, your vehicle’s fuel consumption goes up.

Tyres with a Low Rolling Resistance

These types of Tyres Wolverhampton prevent excessive energy consumption because they need lower amounts of rolling effort. As a result, your fuel efficiency dramatically improves. It lowers friction which automatically means that very less amount of fuel is used. The sticky rubbers in these tyres and the consistent stretching of plies within are what brings about the rolling resistance. Energy is also saved because of the friction produced when there is a contact between tread and the road.

In recent years, there has been an insistence on fuel economy, majorly due to the consumer demands due to the increase in fuel prices. To produce fuel-efficient vehicles, tyre and auto manufacturers are collaborating to design low rolling resistance tyres. Although these tyres are often installed on hybrid vehicles, they are also used on non-hybrid vehicles.

Can You Determine the Rolling Resistance of a Tyre?

All the tyres have an EU label that measures aspects like fuel economy, noise, and wet weather grip on a grade of A to G. You can locate rolling resistance symbolised by a petrol pump in the fuel economy measure. If it has a B rating, it means that you can benefit from greater miles per gallon. However, there is a lot of difference between the ratings of A and G, which can dramatically affect your expenses over time.

Many people question the absence of good grades on all tyres. Not all tyres get a high grade because they are optimised for different purposes. Some are there to provide you more grip, while there are eco-tyres whose purpose is to enhance fuel economy. They will not get a good grade on the measure of grip.

Other Benefits of Low Rolling Resistance Tyres

One of the major features of these tyres is that they enhance fuel economy, which minimises your fuel expenses. In these tyres, the manufacturers add silica to the rubber. It optimises grip, which, in turn, helps in greater handling on the surface. Thus, you can also benefit from the greater performance of your vehicle.

You will notice this type of tyre results only if you are substituting new tyres with new ones, which have the same tread depth. But many drivers do not do this. Most often, worn-out tyres are substituted with new tyres. This is because there will be a greater rolling resistance if you replace worn-out tyres with new ones which have new tread.

Now that you know all about low rolling resistance Dunlop Tyres Wolverhampton and their impact on grip, you can make the right decision for yourself.

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