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How Do I Repent My Sins In Front Of Allah

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Repent My Sins In Front Of Allah

One repents of his actions when he seeks to correct his actions by a strong resolve. Tawbah refers to an Islamic concept of repentance to Allah for any type of wrongdoings or sins. Muslim believe that they must repent whenever they do or perform anything that is prohibit by Islam. Such as committing a number of grave sins such as drinking riba/interest, adultery or murder.

Al-Ghafur, Al-Ghaffar, Al-Ghafir. These three names all refer to the Allah’s mercy. The name Al-Ghafir translates to the one who forgives, while those words Al-Ghafur as well as Al-Ghaffar are more specific and indicate that Allah is the most compassionate and often forgiving. Together they appear in the Quran 977 times. Allah states: “Declare (O Muhammad ) unto My slaves, that truly, I am the Oft-Forgiving, the Most-Merciful”.


What is Tawbah or Repentance

The literal translation of Tawbah is “to return”. Tawbah is mentioned numerous instances in holy Quran and in a number of hadiths. The holy Quran, Tawbah is related to the word ‘Nasuh’ meaning ‘make purified’ or ‘sincere’.  The person who is performing Tawbah gives up in front of Allah Almighty and asks for forgiveness from Him for their actions of turning away from the path of righteousness.


How to do Tawbah or Repentance

Tawbah is a technique with two edges in which the person must be able acknowledge their error and seek forgiveness from Allah.

  1. To remorse one’s evil deed.
  2. To perform saintly duties which were not heeded.
  3. In return for rights and property that were obtain from other people unfairly.
  4. To ask forgiveness from those who you’ve wronged.
  5. Take responsibility to avoid any wrongdoing in the future.
  6. To remain with Allah’s consent.


Salaat Al-Tawbah a Special prayer ask forgiveness from Allah

Salaat al-tawbah, the most special tawbah prayer that is suited to people who are seeking to repent. It is composed in two rakahs and is to be performed according to a specific procedure. Whatever the magnitude of the crime committed the repentance prayer is the same.


Dua For Forgiveness

In offering the Sunnah prayer of repentance. The only requirement is the person must be able to pray in their heart knowing the gravity of their transgression. But, if you are struggling with the prayer to say, here is an additional Tawbah prayer to seek forgiveness from the merciful Allah.

Dua: Allahumma inni Zholamtu Nafsi Zull-man Kasiran Walaa Yagh-firu Zunuuba illa Anta, Fagh-firli Min indika Magfirotan innaka Antal Rgho-fuu Rur-rahim.

Meaning: O Allah Indeed I’ve done myself a disservice by committing a great injustice. There is no one who can be able to forgive me for my sins unless You. Therefore, forgive me with great mercy from your side. You are truly a gracious God the Most Thankful.


Steadfastness of Tawbah

Make environment for pious people

Find a pious people close to your location and make contact with him frequently with an intent to gain the devotion from Allah the Almighty. Take part in lectures and read books on how to live an authentic Muslim and also books on how to repent and respect and honour to a Muslim.

Attend gatherings in the form of taleem (reading session) in your neighborhood. Your community Imam and masjid could help you find these programs too


Cleanse Environment at Home

Take the initiative to get rid of any negative books, TV films, images and pictures from your house. Literature that is not good only encourages unhappiness and troubles in the present and afterlife.


Benefits of Tawbah or Repentance

  1. The person will be counted among the top
  2. Allah forgives and pardons the sins of one who repents.
  3. Allah will free the repentant from stress concerns, anxieties and issues.
  4. Allah eliminates poverty, the shortage of his is diminished and he’s being guided to greater opportunities.
  5. Allah lets us know the way to food. Allah expands his source of income and ensures his survival.
  6. Allah will take away the repentant from the burden of sorrow and obstacles.
  7. Allah will remove the black mark that on the heart of the sinner following his abstinence from transgression.
  8. Allah is able to increase or provide sustenance for those who repent. He could receive his food the locations that he not imagined.
  9. Allah creates gardens and flowing rivers, and rains good from the heavens, which are the advantages of asking His forgiveness.

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