September 28, 2022

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Different Ways To Grow Back Hair

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Hair loss is common for a lot of people, but if you’re losing excessive amounts of hair every single day, you need to start taking it seriously. Thanks to modern-day technology, we have several different solutions like hair growth helmets, medications, oils, and more that can help us grow our hair back.

Hair loss doesn’t always mean baldness. Sometimes, constant hair fall doesn’t make you bald but still causes your hair to grow weak, thin, and brittle, which causes hair loss to increase. So, what if you are facing hair loss or finding out that you’re going bald?

You need not worry! In this article, we have listed a few of the best ways to grow your hair back like a pro. So, let’s get down to it right away.

Apply essential oils

Essential oils have always been a great friend to our body. From growing hair to strengthening joints and increasing blood flow, these oils are great for everything. Whether your hair is growing weak or falling off constantly, massaging your scalp with oil can be highly effective.

Essential oils contain vitamins that your scalp absorbs. The vitamins and minerals then travel to the base of your hair follicles, stimulating them. This stimulation removes tension in the papilla cells and promotes the healthier growth of hair. Furthermore, it also strengthens the hair strands on your head, reducing hair fall and ensuring that your head starts looking fuller. Rosemary oil and aloe vera gel are excellent hair growth oils to start with.

Use hair growth helmets

The progress in technology has made life so much easier for us than it was ever before. In the context of this article, it has allowed us to manufacture products like hair growth helmets, which are a highly convenient, effective, and cost-friendly way to grow your hair back.

Hair loss helmets are of different types and kinds. With an array of choices, you need to opt for the one that has doesn’t burden your pocket and provides sheer value for money. For greater effectiveness, always find a hair loss helmet that emits laser instead of LED, and offers a coherent beam of light. This ensures that energy is well-transmitted deep into the scalp to the base of your hair follicles for greater effectiveness.

Get hair treatments

Using different vitamins and keratin treatments can also be an effective way to circulate blood to your hair follicles and promote growth. Although this is an easy solution, its results may not be as swift and promising as you may have hoped for. However, remember that slow and steady wins the race.

If you want to strengthen your hair or reinvigorate your hair follicles, trying different types of hair treatments can be an excellent place to start. Just make sure you get it from a reliable place to ensure the quality of the job. You can also try doing certain hair treatments through DIY methods at home.

How to avoid damaging your hair?

There are several different ways to grow back hair, but the job doesn’t end there. Once your head is full, you need to make sure it stays that way, which means you need to take active measures, otherwise the hair will grow weak over time, and you will face damaging all over again.

The following are a few ways to take care of your hair.

  • It’s best not to brush your hair while they’re wet. The reason is that wet hair is usually tangled and when you stroke the brush, you are forcing the hair to get untangled, which significantly damages the hair. It is best if you wait till the hair goes dry and untangles itself before you start brushing it.
  • Using a hairdryer too often is something that also destroys your hair. While it may not seem like it, hairdryers tend to burn the hair making them stiff. Furthermore, using hair dryers also remove water from the hair strands, making them dry and brittle.
  • Massaging your scalp is an excellent way to increase blood flow in your head. Increased blood flow carries more nutrients towards your hair follicles, keeping them alive and well. Therefore, it is best to have a head massage every few days to keep your scalp and hair healthy.
  • Consuming omega is an excellent way to take care of your hair. Omega is rich with nutrients that improve your body’s overall condition, including the quality of your hair by strengthening them from the inside. You can consume omega through different sources like dedicated tablets or foods like salmon and oysters, etc.

In a nutshell

Losing hair is never a good feeling to have. Use the abovementioned methods to ensure that you strengthen your hair and promote growth. Maintaining good quality hair is another challenge – our tips above can help you get started in the right direction.

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