June 10, 2023

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Check-in Mui Ne Flying Sand Dunes – a mesmerizing desert in the heart of the coastal city in Viet Nam

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Where is Mui Ne Sand Dunes?

Mui Ne Flying Sand Dunes, also known as Hong Sand dunes or Red Sand Dunes, is a famous tourist destinations which located 20 kilometers away from sea city Phan Thiet to the Northeast, in the middle of Viet Nam. This place has a large area of ​​more than 50 hectares, stretching across the two provinces of Binh Thuan and Ninh Thuan. However, the most beautiful location and attracting the most tourists is in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Viet Nam.

Mui Ne sand dunes were formed many centuries ago due to iron mining activities. Over the years influenced by climate and wind, the sand dunes here have many unique and ever-changing shapes, giving visitors a sense of novelty and excitement. It is estimated that the sand dunes here come in 18 different colors. Traveling to Mui Ne Flying Sand Dunes, you can not only admire the beautiful desert with your own eyes, but also experience many interesting games such as sand slide, off-road driving and check in.

Extremely impressive natural landscape

Why called Flying Sand Dunes?

If you first hear the name Sand Dune Flying Mui Ne, you will probably be surprised because sand dunes cannot fly. Of course this is just an analogy, but it’s almost the same. Because the sand dunes here are under the influence of wind and topography is constantly changing in color and shape according to time of day. At different times, Cat Bay (Flying Sand) hill brings a different beauty, not every day is the same as any other day. That is also what makes the attraction of this place.

Flying Sand Dunes become artistic inspiration for sand painting artists

Something quite interesting about Mui Ne Flying Sand Dune that you may not know is that the grains of sand here have been used by artists to create unique sand paintings. If you have previously wondered why sand paintings, why do not need to mix color, still have such outstanding colors, when visiting Mui Ne Sand Dunes, you will have the answer.

The grains of sand here have become an endless source of inspiration for artists

The best time to go to Mui Nha Flying Sand Dunes

Phan Thiet in particular and Binh Thuan in general is a place with a very hot and sunny climate, but it is quite stable, rarely rains or storms. Here it gets dark very quickly, only about 17:00 the sun has started to set. According to the experience of going to Mui Ne Flying Sand Dunes, to get the best check-in pictures you should come here between 5am and 8am. At this time, the atmosphere is cool, the sun is not too bright, very suitable to start the journey to explore Flying Sand Dunes.

Visiting Mui Ne Flying Sand Dunes at dusk or dawn for the best weather.

How to get to Flying Sand Dunes

Sand Dunes Mui Ne is located about 25 km from the center of the coastal city of Phan Thiet. Starting from the city center, you move along Highway 1A, to a big junction in Luong Son town, turn right and continue straight to reach Cat Bay.

On the way to Sand Dunes, you will pass the beautiful Bau Trang street.

On the way to Mui Ne Bay Sand Dunes, you will have the opportunity to pass Bau Trang Street. This place is considered one of the most beautiful streets in Vietnam, with a poetic and charming natural scenery. Don’t forget to stop and check in impressive pictures on this road.

Sand sliding

Sand sliding is always the most exciting game at Sand Bay that anyone coming here will want to experience. With just a few dozen seconds of sitting on simple skateboards, plunging down from the high sand dunes, you will be reliving the years of a joyful and innocent childhood. However, you should slide the sand in the early morning or late afternoon because the sand is less hot now.

Sand sliding ticket price: 20,000 VND / 1 carpet / 2 slides (less than a dollar)

Sand sliding at Mui Ne Flying Sand Dunes

Discovering sand dunes by terrain vehicles

For those who love thrills, definitely cannot ignore the opportunity to experience off-road riding on sand dunes. The price of a rental car is about 650,000 VND / 20 minutes / 2 people.

Off-road ride to explore sand dunes is an experience you should not miss

Taking check-in pictures

With a unique and poetic natural landscape, Mui Ne Sand Dunes can be said to be a wonderful virtual living paradise. No matter where you stand, you can pocket the most sparkling and magical check-in pictures.

Quite a heaven for photography geek

Admiring the dawn

Sunset is probably the most beautiful time in Mui Ne Bay Sand Dunes. Standing in the middle of a romantic space, your poems will feel strangely peaceful. In addition, when standing from the top of the sand hill, you can also enjoy the panoramic view of Mui Ne beach from above.

Romance sunset at Mui Ne Sand Dunes

Some notes when exploring Mui Ne Sand Dunes

  • The weather in Cat Bay is very dry and hot, so when you come here, you should bring sunglasses, hat, sunscreen and wear long clothes to protect your skin from the dazzling sun.
  • There are very few shops around the sand dune area. Therefore, you need to bring drinking water and some snacks.

For a perfect and complete Mui Ne Phan Thiet tour, you should not miss the opportunity to explore Mui Ne Bay Sand Dunes. Hopefully with the above experiences, you will have the most memorable experiences. Do not forget to follow the Binh Thuan tourism news to update more interesting things.

Tips for First Time Visitors in Vietnam:

If you’ve never been to Vietnam before, Emily has kindly provided some helpful tips to make your trip easier. She suggests:

  • Prepare your passport in advance, and make sure that your passport has at least 6 months validity, with left space for visa stamping
  • Check to see whether you are citizen of a country listed in the Vietnam visa exemption list or not. If you are required to have a Vietnam visa, and want to get a visa in very urgent case, you can use Urgent Vietnam visa to get it and fly to Vietnam on short notice
  • The currency in Vietnam is Vietnam Dong, but you can bring USD and exchange this to VND before getting onboard a plane or at one of the exchange counters at the airport, upon arrival
  • Make sure you book your flight tickets, a tour if you would prefer one, through the reliable agency
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