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Causes And Symptoms Of Cellulite And How It Can Be Treated

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Symptoms Of Cellulite

What is the main reason for cellulite formation?

Cellulite formation is not attributed to any exact cause. All we know is that cellulite is induced and formed by connective tissues under the skin and the fat trapped in between. Cellulite is formed by excess fat and when it is accumulated it starts pushing up and forming dimpled skin. The connective tissues pull the skin down thus creating uneven surface or valleys on the skin. This can be an embarrassing and frustrating experience to people who have got it. There is no special reason or diagnose for the cause of cellulite but whoever got it may look extremely fat and awkward dimpled looks. Cellulite results in to puckering of the skin and your old dresses won’t fit properly and cellulite removal treatment Toronto can significantly improve the way you look by getting rid of the fat by organic massage.

It should be also noted that cellulite affects women more than men and only 10% of men get this condition while in women it can go up to 80-90%. Women who is beauty conscious and how they look in their dresses may suffer worst. It will become difficult for them to wear contemporary fashion as the body won’t fit them it to the dresses. Formation of cellulite is attributed to the connective cords that run differently in men and women. In men the connective tissues are in crisscross formation while in women it runs in the same direction and with equal distance between them. This formation can amplify the cellulite more than the crisscross formation. One other theory is that cellulite is formed by higher volume of hormone estrogen and women produce more than men. This happens during pregnancy or adolescence.

Is it contagious?

It is not, because you cannot spread the condition by skin to skin contact.

How cellulite is diagnosed?

It is quite easy and you can easily identify it by visual inspection or by touching. A physical examination by doctor or healthcare professional can identify and confirm it.

Management of cellulite

Can cellulite be treated and get rid of?

It is a natural process which contract people of different body shapes. With its puckering looks it put people in distress and anxiety. These concerns the elimination fat deposits or slabs that have formed between your skin and connective tissues. As fat grows the slabs start getting bigger and push the skin upward. The connecting cords that lie beneath fat pull the skin down. This totally contrasting activities form dimpled skin and it may not be possible to get rid of the dimpled look completely. However there are treatments like Lipomassage that can get rid of cellulite temporarily and for a considerably long time.  The procedure a massage by special massage heads is known to improve appearance of people who are suffering from cellulite.

What treatments can get rid of cellulite and improve your appearance?

You can avail one of the many patented cellulite treatment that are approved by FDA and they are known to improve the appearance of people affected by the condition. The authority has also approved several procedures to improve appearance of dimpled skin or cellulite. Invasive surgeries are also approved and performed to reduce cellulites in cosmetic surgery. Some of the treatments include:

  • Acoustic wave therapy
  • Deep massaging
  • Skin thickening laser treatment
  • Liposuction
  • Mesotherapy where needles are inserted into cellulite
  • Creams and lotions containing 0.3 retinol or caffeine
  • Spa treatment such as Lipomassage treatment
  • Filling out dimples skin with vacuum assisted precise tissue release
  • Breaking up tough bands of cellulite with needles
  • Ultrasound, Radiofrequency, radial pulses and infrared light to heat skin and melt fat

All these procedures have resulted in some degree of success and they vary with each one of them. If you have noted most of these procedures involve surgical or invasive procedures and may not augur well for people who shy away from the scalpel.

Exercise to rid cellulite

Exercise is recommended by doctors and therapists to improve cellulite. By exercising one can improve muscle mass which naturally will flatten the fat or cellulite. Exercise will also increase blood circulation in to all corners of your body which helps lose fat. Exercises like running, resistant training and cycling are recommended.

Painless Lipomassage treatment

Lipomassage is most recommended by Cellulite removal treatment Toronto because it is painless, non-invasive and effective in breaking bands of hardened fat by advanced massage heads. Side effects of the procedure may not go beyond reddening of skin and some bruises, as the massage heads clench the fat skin, knead and crush the fat and drain it naturally. This is a no hassle and no fuss cellulite treatment that anyone can opt for without apprehensions.


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