September 29, 2023

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An Ultimate Guide to BPC 157

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One of the frustrating things that athletes face is recovery from tendon, ligament, or muscle injuries. It takes longer than the expected time and tale improvements, as well as setbacks, could drive the athletes crazy. This is the reason why they opt for peptides in Canada. Peptides help improve bodily functions, reduce inflammation, improve ligament, and muscle healing from injuries.


Peptides refer to the long segments of amino acids that are arranged in the form of a chain in the body naturally. They have numerous functions as well as healing abilities. They play a major role in the way the body responds to the diet as well as exercise. They help accelerate improvement in endurance and healing as well.

BPC 157

The full form BPC is a body protection compound that is a combination of amino acids. It refers to a protein that is found in the stomach and is known as a peptide. BPC-157 is a popular synthetic peptide that has a short chain consisting of 15 amino acids. The potential regenerative effects make it a popular choice. This peptide is derived from protein that is found protein in gastric juices in the body naturally. They are known to restore the stomach’s lining as well as intestines in the natural state.

The fact worth noting is that it helps in improving different conditions such as ulcers, damaged joints, and bones as well. The peptides improve the blood pressure as well as protect the functioning of the heart from numerous problems, Moreover, the peptides help wards off brain disease, fight inflammation, and recover the damage done to the organs.  

Working of BPC 157

The process of formation of the new blood vessels is known as angiogenesis. BPC 157 promotes muscle as well as tendon healing by triggering angiogenesis. It helps to heal the cuts, wounds, and other kinds of damage in the body. By blocking the growth of a certain molecule, the peptide might promote healing.

It can help to increase the production of nitric oxide in the body that tends to lower blood pressure and reduce high potassium levels risk. It also promotes collagen production. Collagen refers to the primary protein that is found in the skin’s tissues. An increase in the production of such protein enhances the rate at which the skin heals. Moreover, it influences the activity of the neurotransmitters that help with pain, seizures as well as depression.

Dosage of BPC-157

There are two ways to take BPC 157 i.e. orally or through injections. Most people, especially bodybuilders prefer injections as the absorption through tablets or pills tend to require a higher dosage. For taking the peptide through injection, there are two methods i.e. subcutaneous and intramuscular. The subcutaneous method is the least painful as well as easy. You need to insert the injection right under the skin, especially close to the pain point or injury.

Whereas in the intramuscular method, you need to apply injection right into muscles. Injecting deep inside the muscles helps to provide peptide to the body for healing. In order to get effective results, it is essential to take the right dose. According to research, the best way to go is to take a single dose of 1 to 10 mcg/ kg of the weight of the body. For instance, the weight of your body is 70 kg, you would need to take between 70-700 mcg daily.

No matter, whether you are planning to take peptides to improve wound healing, the slow aging process, or build strength, it is advised to take the right dosage. Along with dosage ensure you get the high-quality stuff from a reputed source. You would not wish to inject contaminated, wrong, or questionable supplements into the body. Therefore, look for legitimacy and quality before buying peptides.

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