May 16, 2022

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6 Tips For Safe Intimate Wedding During Covid-19 Pandemic

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Wedding planning during COVID-19 has been one of the most challenging things anyone has ever experienced. Because of lives being overturned, economic collapse, and chaos, many people took practical, yet heartbreaking decisions to cancel or postponed their wedding. But after a few months when things are getting back to normal, many people decided to host an intimate wedding during the pandemic.

Keeping the safety of friends, families, and relatives, many people are organizing their wedding with the following guidelines issued by the Government such as the use of face mask, social distancing, a limited number of guests. If you are one of those who are going to tie the knot and taking vows amidst the pandemic, here are a few things you must keep in your mind.

1. Provide Fashionable or Customized Face Masks

Despite organizing an intimate wedding ceremony, it is important to follow safety guidelines and precautions. You never know who can carry the virus! So, if you are worried about the people arriving without wearing masks, please get some tailor-made wedding masks for your guests. I personally like the idea of customizing the mask with wedding tags, dates, or monograms. You can also order disposable face masks in bulk from any reliable mask supplier.

2. Ensure Proper Sanitization

One of the main factors to consider when organizing a wedding during a pandemic is proper disinfection. Before guests arrive, please make sure that the venue is completely sanitized and disinfected. Sanitize all contact points, such as door handles, tables, chairs, etc. Ensure that all tables and chairs at the venue are sanitized to ensure the safety of guests.

You can set up a sanitization point at the entrance and exit gate of your venue. You can also place masks, tissues or wipes at the entrance for guests to wear and take home. Ensuring proper disinfection can reduce guests’ anxiety and make them feel safe.

3. Seating Arrangements with Social Distancing

When arranging seats for your guests, make sure that you have arranged the table keeping in mind the social distance guidelines. You can even put a mark on each table to let guests know where to sit and where not to sit. Use a signboard to remind your guests to avoid gathering at entrances, exits, and toilets.

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4. Consider Outdoor Ceremonies

Who doesn’t absolutely like the idea of having an outdoor wedding ceremony below the clear blue sky and relaxing sunsets? If weather permits, you can choose an outdoor venue like garden, beach. By planning an outdoor function rather than in closed and confined spaces, you will greatly reduce the risk of transmission. Look for a well-ventilated and open space. Limit the number of guests as smaller guests are always better because it reduces the risk of the spread of viruses.

5. Choose Plated or Boxed Meals

Coordinate with your caterer to replace buffets with plated or boxed meals, which will help people to keep their distance and avoid cross-contamination of food and bacteria. Ensure that the caterers always wear masks, face masks, hair caps, and gloves when working in the kitchen.

6. Hand-sanitizers At Every Corner

Don’t feel embarrassed while taking safety precautions for your own safety and others. A sanitizer or handwash is essential and must be put at every corner of your wedding venue. You can install a handwash/sanitizer station at the entry (or a foot-operated sanitizer to avoid contact), or even provide pocket-sized hand sanitizers as wedding favors. Or you can provide cute packages to your guests when they arrive at the venue, including a personal sanitizer and a mask.

Few other things you must care about while hosting a wedding during the covid-19 pandemic are, invite your friends or relatives via email or call, limit the number of guests, shop your guest’s gifts online, use a signboard for reminding follow safety precautions. Find a reliable one-stop-shop to buy organza fabric, wedding supplies, decorative items, ribbons, and other accessories for your wedding at the most affordable prices.

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