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12 Things to Keep in Mind for Your Vehicle’s MOT Test

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MOT Milton Keynes

MOT Milton Keynes

An MOT (Ministry of Transport) test is a yearly survey to guarantee that the basic requirements set out by the  DVSA are met by your vehicle. It is an extensive process of inspections focusing on the well being of your vehicle and confirming that it is in the best condition to run on the road possessing the minimum safety standards set forth by law.

 What does an MOT include?

MOT tests are conducted at authorised test centres around the country. The test includes checks on your vehicle’s braking and fuel system along with parts like seatbelts, wipers, windscreen, mirrors and others.

 When to get an MOT done?

The MOT test is mandatory once every year for your vehicle. As soon as your vehicle turns three years old, the test becomes a legal requirement. It must be conducted by an automobile technician having an MOT qualification along with particular testing equipment.

 Expiry and Renewal 

An MOT expires after one year with its expiry date printed on the last MOT pass certificate. The DVSA does not provide an MOT renewal date. 

  The time needed for getting an MOT done

Generally, your car’s MOT can be performed taking around only 45 to 60 minutes of your time. It also depends on the fact that if your car has failed and needs repairs then it would naturally take more time.

Well trained Professionals 

Skilled and highly trained technicians get to work for the MOT Milton Keynes to guarantee you an efficient and economically viable result.

 Preparing for an MOT

You need to check if your vehicle’s windscreen wipers and washer jets are properly functioning and that you have a clear view of the road without any distractions like stickers or things dangling in front of the screen. 

Ensure that all four doors of your vehicle open from the outside and that all seat belts are in working condition. 

The Cost

The agency responsible has specified the maximum cost that the official test centres can conduct your vehicle’s MOT at.

Currently, the charges are around £54.85 for cars and caravans, and motorbikes at £29.65. However, many professionals charge less than this, sometimes giving discounts up to 50%. 

 Can you drive after failing the MOT?

If your car fails but your existing MOT certificate still has validity then you can drive your car. However, it is recommended not to do so as the vehicle has failed the recently conducted test. It is important to ensure your safety as well as that of others while taking out an unfitting vehicle on the road.

Common reasons for failure

Most vehicles fail the MOT on lighting and signalling- including as ordinary a problem as blown bulbs.

Not having the proper tyre condition and air pressure can also be a major reason for your car’s MOT test failure.

 It could also be a vehicle’s wipers, washers and mirrors as 8.5% of all defects are associated with the driver’s view of the road. 

 When to get your vehicle tested?

You can get your vehicle tested up to 30 days prior to the expiration date of your last MOT. You can also get your test done earlier than the expiry, however, the renewal date for the following year would vary. 

  The difference between  MOT and Service

The major point of difference is that an MOT is mandatory while service is not.

While an MOT inspects the general and legal safety requirements of the vehicle, servicing on the other hand checks the technical and mechanical condition and overall maintenance of the vehicle.

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