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Window and Doors: Choosing the Right Style

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Windows and doors have an important role in both the external and internal parts of a home. Windows and doors Toronto contribute to both privacy and safety and can help to increase the resale value of your property. With so many options available to you on the market it is important to be able to determine the best type of windows and doors for your particular needs.

Frame Types – Wood or Vinyl?

Your decision of frame material goes a long way towards determining the overall lifespan and energy efficiency of your new window or door. While wood windows or doors generally have excellent thermal properties, they are highly susceptible to condensation, moisture, dust, bird attack and need regular cleaning including cleaning with paint or staining or simply repainting. On the other hand, vinyl windows and doors are highly resistant to condensation, moisture and bird attack but will require more regular cleaning such as sealing and painting.

Framing Options – Are the frames for your new windows and doors solid or hollow core? A solid frame allows for greater air flow and therefore reduces the risk of condensation. Hollow core frames may require less maintenance and can save you money by not requiring painting.

Panels – How thick are the panes and do they swing out or down? Many people like to have large replacement windows and doors that swing up while other prefer to keep the glass close to the floor. When choosing window and door frames, you will want to consider this. It is important to check your window and door frames every 6 months to ensure there are no gaps in the panels, because these gaps allow moisture and other debris to enter the room and possibly cause damage.

Windows and doors are very important to your interior decor and should be considered when planning your new home. Knowing what kind of frames and panels will work best in your space will help you choose the right style.

When choosing new windows and doors, you also need to take into consideration their installation cost. If you do not have a contractor on retainer, you may want to hire one for installation. Even if you choose a company that offers a free estimate, be sure to call them again and double check before the job is completed. Remember, windows and doors are an investment; you want to purchase the right ones to last the longest and look your best.

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