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Why do you need a laboratory power supply?

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Why do you need a laboratory power supply

In service centers, research facilities, and laboratories, the use of a laboratory power supply is commonplace. Smaller enterprises often overlook this equipment. What such a benchtop power supply is really capable of, and is it worth buying?

Application of laboratory power supply

Institutions that use PSUs with regulated output power supply deal with a variety of equipment, the consumption of which is difficult to accurately predict. For example, working with the electronics of different makes and models of cars can not be done with the use of a single power supply. The same situation is with the repair of machinery and equipment, especially computer equipment.

The laboratory power supply unit, which is purchased for medical institutions, is very widespread. First of all, these are operating rooms and plastic clinics, which use the device as a rectifier or voltage stabilizer. The fact that a good PSU gives a given voltage using internal stabilization systems, which in conditions of unstable operation of the city power grid, is extremely important. For example, we have a breathing apparatus working from an external PSU, similar to a laptop unit. It is powered by 220-240 V and converts them to the necessary 24 percent. Thus, if the mains voltage drops to 180-190V, it will give out no more than 20 volts. For the health and life of the patient, such a jump can be fatal. A laboratory PSU will deliver the necessary 24 volts at any incoming voltage.

Almost the same situation is with the repair equipment, but here the threat is not to the patient’s life but to the operability of the elements of the device. Why not use a normal stabilizer? It is very simple – a laboratory power supply, the price of which will be the same as the stabilizer, will be more versatile. Even the simplest PSU will have a lot of adapters and types of connections, the correct polarity of the terminals (+ / -), and so on, while the regulator will simply omit the voltage of 220V, no more. So, the model ZHAOXIN MN-1003D as standard equipment has all known power connectors, crocodile clips, and adapters, and that is more than 30 ways of connecting.

Which laboratory power supply to choose?

There are many options for creating a laboratory power supply. You can buy any, but you do not want to overpay for unused technology and functions or find out after the purchase that some required action block can not perform.

First of all, lab units are divided into one-channel and multichannel. That is, you need to understand – will you need to connect more than one device. Multichannel (most often 2-channel) devices have several outgoing power control systems, failure protection systems, and other components needed to organize a complete power on several outgoing channels. This makes them much more expensive than a typical single-channel PSU.

Next, the price of a lab power supply is increased by the security systems. Or rather, their reliability, since the principle is very similar in all of them. However, no matter how cool or cheap the PSU is, you should not leave the equipment unattended for a long time. And it is worth stocking up on a fire extinguisher, as the load on the transformer will be great in any case.

I will mention only the cheapest of the popular brands because the expensive ones are really easier to choose from. These are BAKKU, DazHeng, ZHAOXIN – their products are one and a half to two times cheaper than their hyped counterparts, but the characteristics are not inferior. The method of cheapening is standard – lower safety requirements. we are also provides kmspico download for windows So, the mentioned ZHAOXIN MN-1003D pulse power supply has active cooling (fan) and short-circuit protection, but it is not desirable to leave such a PSU unattended.

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