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Where Can I do Short Courses?

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Given below are five popular short courses institutes in Lahore where you can seek education and professional training for career advancement.
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A lot of people ask us this question. Truth be told, when a few students sit together, and one of them wants to enroll in a short courses institute in Lahore, he asks this question from his pals. Where do I go to do short courses?

Here in this article, we have a list of popular vocational training institutes that are known for their excellence in the training environment and have a record of successful batches.

IPS Unit of Education, BETS, EVS, PIM, and KICS are some of the names of trust and high educational standards in the local community. And, most of their students are satisfied with their performance and can vouch for the quality.

Here is brief reasoning about why choose these institutions.

BETS – British Education and Training System

This platform is for people, who wish to learn the English language for themselves or IELTS purposes. 

There is no denying the fact that the English language opens hundreds of opportunities for you. Hiring managers and multi-national firms like to hire employees, who are reasonable in English speaking, if not fluent.

BETS works under the British Council and offers several programs with well-designed aspects of different courses.

IPS Unit of Education

IPS Unit of Education is an emerging name, but it has diverse subjects to teach to its students including SEO course, English language course, Digital marketing short course, Graphic Designing, Chinese language, web design, and development.

People who have been there are all now settled in well-recognized firms of Lahore. The instructors are not just teachers but the working professional, who have years of experience in the field. Thus, here you can learn practical knowledge and industry norms rather than the bookish information that is not valuable in the corporate culture. Plus, the fee structure is quite affordable.


Another modern language institute in Lahore who has a name in the industry. The worth of this institute comes from the environment that it gives to its students with a detailed course outline. They provide quality education and have centers in different cities as Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and Faisalabad.

They believe in equipping students with technical education and has produced thousands of skilled and well-trained resources.

PIM – Pakistan Institute of Management

This institute has a name in offering vocational short courses, which are mostly required by the companies as in management and human resource. The courses are more on the higher-end. But, they relate to the industry’s requirements.


KICS, UET offers many courses, from technical to language courses where they pay a stipend to students.  It is a government-funded program for people all around the country to learn and excel in their respective fields. 

If you’re confused about any of the short courses institutes, you should read about these training organizations, which are working for the progress of Pakistani students. You won’t regret choosing any of these institutes.

For more information, contact the IPS Unit of Education for career counseling.

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