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What Advantages do you Get When you Opt to Learn Quran Online?

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Learn Quran Online

Importance of Learning Quran:

 The Quran is the Holy Book for the Muslims, revealed in stages to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through the angel Jabriel (AS)  in 23 years. Quran is regarded by the Muslims as the sacred words of Allah. Quran is divided roughly into 30 parts known as ‘’juz’’.These ‘’ juz’’ make it easier for Muslims to read the Quran during the course of a month or one juz each day, particularly during the month of Ramadan.

Religion Islam gives importance to the learning of Quran as it is a complete code of conduct. The Noble Quran is a deep ocean of knowledge, learning, and education that guide us till the last breath of our life that’s why Islam and the Quran emphasized on the importance of learning Quran.

When Quran was revealed, its first word was ‘’Iqra’’ which means to read.

The Holy Prophet once said,’’ O mankind’’ I have left behind you that which if you hold fast to it, you will never go astray, the book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Prophet (PBUH).

Now, it is necessary for everyone to learn the Quran. And all we know that today’s technology has made it easier for us to learn Quran at home from online Quran academy.    

5 Advantages if you opt to learn Quran online

People who want to learn Quran online from an institute may have many advantages and some of them are given below.

  1. The best solution if you don’t find the Quran teacher locally

Quran has been revealed in completely classical Arabic that is a bit different from the traditional language. That’s why for a person who wants to learn the Quran it is necessary for him to learn Tajweed also.  To learn proper Tajweed rules and Arabic knowledge, it is necessary that Tajweed should be learned from a proper institute under the guidance of expert teachers.

Many Muslims who live in western countries are facing the problem of finding such institutes and teachers. Learning Quran online is the best way of learning for these people because they can learn Quran by sitting at their homes.  

2. You can learn in your own learning environment

One of the advantages of online Quran learning is that it provides an environment that is suitable for you and works for you because some people learn better in an online environment than traditional classroom settings. Online Quran learning is more beneficial for those with busy schedules, social commitment, and family obligations. One can take online Quran classes according to one’s own schedules in a favorable environment.

3. One on one classes

By learning Quran online, the students get individual attention of teacher and thus they learn in a better way than traditional learning. One teacher teaches one student at a time, which helps the students to learn and read Quran easily. Individual classes also develop consistency, discipline, and self-confidence in students.

4. Cost effective   

Saving money is one of the advantages of online Quran learning. One does not need to worry about transportations because mobility can create financial issues for the students, online learning can help them to attend classes without having to travel for classes.

One can pay for the time when he/she studies and the fee structure does not change according to the countries the students live in. The teachers charge a very nominal fee. Online Quran academies provide an easy installment system. So there is no other better option than to choose learn Quran online.

5. No age limit

Many individuals want to learn Quran when they grow up. This is not a good idea as learning Quran should be every Muslim’s top priority and must start as early as possible. Learning Quran at an early age has multiple advantages. Early age is of learning age and everything learned at that age remains for life.

Opting to learn Quran online frees you from age constraints. Whether you are a kid or an adult, you can start learning according to your level. If you are a complete beginner, you can start with the most basic course i.e. Noorani Qaida. If you already know the basics, you can start with Quran reading with Tajweed course to improve your Quran recitation. Online Quran institutes cover students of every level and age. Advanced level students can go for an online Tafseer course to understand the meanings of the Quran.

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