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The race for applications in the automotive sector

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automotive sector

This change also concerns the automotive sector , since in 2017, Google informed us that 50% of requests related to the automotive sector are made on mobile.

This is why the development of applications in the sector is only increasing.

In fact, there are several types of applications in this field:

  • car rental apps
  • carpooling
  • car sharing
  • and many others…

And yes !, car sales , purchases or rentals are much easier with such a tool!

Let’s see the applications in this sector developed by Squirrel.

Applications for dealers

Having a global view of the cars on sale, their features, prices and availability in stock, here are some advantages offered by the applications of automotive companies.

At Squirrel, we have developed two applications in this category:

DPM motors Screenshot of the automotive sector application DPM motors (1)

DPM motors is the specialist in prestige and collection vehicles in Monaco.
The company offers the sale and purchase of new and used cars, as well as their maintenance.

Their mobile application, released in 2016, offers a simple and effective presentation of the different vehicles available.
In fact, in order to maximize the company’s sales on mobile, the stock is available and can be viewed in real time on the application.

It also offers information on features such as:

  • mileage
  • the date
  • cockpit
  • the price

In order to optimize the user experience, the mobile application also allows you to calculate your monthly credit payments according to a chosen model.

You also have the possibility to save your personal searches, and to save vehicles in favorites.

Volkswagen – Auto Show

On the occasion of the 2012 motor show, Volkswagen wanted to design a Dallas mobile app development company available on iPad.

The goal of such a show being to gain new customers, but also to present new products, Squirrel tried to optimize the application so that it best meets the criteria of Volkswagen and the occasion.

It was therefore to facilitate the presentation of new products that the vehicles had been categorized:

  • vehicles for individuals
  • utility models
  • vehicles for professionals

All the features and prices of the different models were of course available on the app.
In addition, each model had a slideshow with an unlimited number of images.

The technologies incorporated in the different models were also available, and a video was offered for some of them.

The goal of the show is also to expand its network and create new partnerships, the mobile application offered a presentation of the Volkswagen brand. 

Forms could be completed directly on the mobile application and moreover generated 60,000 leads at the end of the show. 

You can watch the video to get an idea of ​​the layout and more details about the application by clicking here.

However, in the automotive sector, mobile applications can also have a different purpose.
You are certainly familiar with car sharing applications, for example.

Auto sharing apps

These applications make it possible to put individuals in touch with each other, and thus facilitate car rental between them.
They are also designed to meet ecological and economic needs.
Indeed, by using this car sharing system, you know the practicality of the car, without having the constraints:

  • Purchase
  • Interview
  • Repairs
  • Parking


Squirrel has developed an application for car rental between individuals in Morocco.
The main objective of the company was to facilitate the research and management of vehicle requests and rentals in Morocco.

A simple process and verified safety questions make the app a tool for renting cars to individuals cheaper and faster.

  • The process:
    1- Choose the vehicle: to maximize the satisfaction of the rental company, you carry out your research according to specific criteria.
    2- Choose the place and time of reservation: the location of the car is also visible on the application.
    3- Pay and collect the car.
  • Security questions:
    1- The driver’s identity and license are verified.
    2- The vehicle is insured during your rental time.
    3- The vehicle pays the additional income bills itself.
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