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The Additional Benefits I Have Availed From My First Ride In Tranzitt

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I love to travel to new destinations on my own and the UK has been one of my dream destinations ever since I was a little kid. So, when I got the opportunity to travel to the UK, I was in cloud nine. But, one thing you have to know is that flying internationally for the first time can lead to frustration and anxiety like in my case. Before my flight, I was pretty anxious, but the one thing that made me quite worried is how I will reach my hotel in Southampton from Heathrow Airport. I heard that taxis hailed from the airports can be quite expensive, so I was searching for other transportation options that would not damage my already weak budget.

I came across Tranzitt when I searched for economical private airport transfer services. If you are wondering what an airport transfer is. Let me explain it to you clearly. A private airport transfer service is a transportation service that fetches you from the airport to your destination or vice versa. Based on your budget and requirements, you can reserve your taxi online. Though there are numerous taxi companies on the internet, I choose Tranzitt after reading wonderful online testimonials written by their previous customers. 

I made my cab reservation on their official website using their UK taxi fare calculator. It is a very simple process, all you have to do is enter some parameters like pick up point, drop point, passengers count, number of luggage, time of travel, date of travel, and voila, the taxi quote is displayed. They have a wide fleet of cars to choose from like Standard, MPV, MInivan, and Executive. Since, I was traveling with a shoe-string budget, I chose Standard car. The quote I got was an all-inclusive one, which included all additional fees like parking charges and toll fees. I made the payment on their website before boarding my flight. I got an email confirmation that my cab was booked and will be available once I deplane at Heathrow Airport. Once all my travel preparations were done, I was elated about my vacation.

But, life has its own plans right? Then the unexpected happened. My flight was delayed due to some technical glitch. I was in a panic because I paid the full payment for the cab and was worrying about the extra charge for waiting. As I was on a budget vacation, any extra spending is like a nail in the coffin. But, I had a surprise when I deplaned. I called the customer care executive of Tranzitt to convey my plight. They assured me that they won’t make any surcharge for my taxi ride as they offer one-hour complimentary waiting time for all unexpected flight delays. They also said that they monitor all flight schedules to cover sudden changes in flights. I thanked them profusely and then happily boarded my taxi.

My cab driver was very courteous and acted like a real professional. He was an adept with the travel routes and took me through a least crowded route. I instantly felt a positive vibe and had a pleasant mood throughout the taxi ride. When he came to know that this was my first trip to the UK, he suggested that some of the best places to explore and dine en route to Southampton. My ride was stress-free and I enjoyed it completely by listening to some of my favorite songs. Once he dropped me at the hotel, he made sure I reached the reception and wished me a fantastic vacation time.

My trip to the UK was amazing and I enjoyed every minute of it. Satisfied with their spectacular service, I once again opted for Tranzitt to reach Heathrow airport from Chessington. I will definitely use a taxi from Tranzitt for all of my upcoming Europe trips, and also recommend it to all my friends. On the whole, Tranzitt made my trip more memorable.

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