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Pros and Cons of Alloy Wheels

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We have all been there, you wish to buy a new vehicle, but there is a lot of information that comes to you that can be a little overwhelming. Once all your family and friends know about this decision, they become auto experts. They might compel you to purchase a certain vehicle simply because they have that one themselves. Likewise, when you go to an auto shop, the dealer will begin to talk about several different features for your car.

One important feature that you should always consider is the wheels. The seller may tell you that they only offer pure FOX Alloy Wheels. If this is the first time you are buying a car, then you need to know what exactly alloy rims are. As you will probably pay more for this type of wheels compared to steel wheels.

So, in this article, we will look at what alloy rims are, their disadvantages and advantages.

Alloy Wheels

As you probably already know, alloy combines metal with other components. They are made from components of aluminium and magnesium and are harder compared to pure metals. Also, we want to emphasize that alloy wheels are manufactured from nonferrous materials. In other words, they may or may not contain some iron. Unlike steel wheels which contain large amounts of carbon and iron.

Advantages of Alloy Wheels

More and more automobile manufacturers offer alloy rims as their standard wheels. What this means is there are many benefits linked to them. If not, they will not trust them. So, let’s review these advantages:

Engine Durability

Less weight in your car means less pressure is going to be applied to your engine, which can significantly improve efficiency and durability. Nevertheless, this does not necessarily suggest that steel rims will lessen durability or strength. After all, makers carry out many hours of examination.

Fuel Efficiency

As alloy rims tend to be much lighter than steel wheels. Lighter vehicles consume less petrol. This is why some people take out their spare wheels, just to reduce weight. This means more power will be needed in order to move all the load in your car, while less force is necessary when moving lighter pieces.


Lighter cars mean a faster acceleration. In professional races, cars must be as light as possible. Sometimes even the rear seats have to be removed. All to improve manoeuvrability and acceleration. So, as alloy rims are lighter, the acceleration will be improved.


Less weight also means less strain on your suspension. Hence, you will be able to enjoy a more comfortable ride.

Heat Resistance

It is also known that alloy wheels have improved heat resistance than their counterparts. Consequently, damage to your vehicle’s wheels or brake system from heat will be unlikely.

Customization and Appearance

Standard steel rims are designed exactly the same regardless of the vehicle. Alloy wheels, however, offer various customizations and designs. If you wish to have a more tailored look, alloy rims will surely be useful for you.



Even though alloy wheels are harder and lighter than steel wheels, they will break more easily, and it is hard to repair them so you will need to get new ones.


Alloy rims are more expensive than steel wheels. If your sole objective is to drive from one point to the other, steel rims are a reasonable option. But if you care about appearance, heat resistance, acceleration, etc. then go for cheap alloy wheels UK.


They are prone to get damaged. Even a simple wheel or tyre cleaning could damage them. Hence, always choose products which are compatible with your alloy wheels.

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