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Project Manager: Who He Is, What He Does, What Skills He Has

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Project Management

The Project Manager is the person in charge of a project. He is responsible for responsibility, coordination and measurement. Why rely on him? And what skills should he possess? I’ll explain everything in this post!

When you think of the word project , what is it that comes to your mind? How would you define a project? Probably as a set of activities that are interrelated and that have a single and common goal: to create value .

The projects, in fact, consist in the transformation of an input into an output – material or immaterial and Animation Studios Los Angeles – which allows to produce added value and to reach the predetermined corporate objective .

Predicting, planning, coordinating, managing and measuring these  complex activities that give life to the project is fundamental for the success of the project itself, which is why it is necessary that an experienced and competent professional figure, the Project Manager , is at the head .

I guess you’ve heard of it before, but do you know what a Project Manager actually does? And do you also know what skills they must have? In this post, line by line, you will find information capable of shedding light on this professional figure, today increasingly requested and sought after.

Who knows it might not be yours!

Who is the Project Manager

The Project Manager – or PM – is the  project manager , i.e. the sole professional responsible for the start-up , planning , execution , control and conclusion of a project .

To do all this, the Project Manager uses the techniques and methodologies of Project Management . The aim of the Project Manager is to carry out the project, to bring home the goal successfully, respecting budget , costs and delivery times and satisfying the expectations and requests of his client.

To succeed in his aim, the Project Manager must analyze and establish the objective to be achieved , define the necessary resources, manage them, coordinate them and measure the final result and the intermediate steps, in compliance with the budget and the planned deadlines.

What the Project Manager does

What are the concrete activities that the Project Manager must carry out? Here is a list that helps you define his duties and the characteristics of his professional role:

  • Take care of the management of the whole project, or plan in detail all the activities, coordinate them and monitor their progress constantly;
  • Create a strategic plan that allows to achieve the objectives and to produce value in compliance with the budget available, the time agreed and the needs of the client;
  • Define the result that is needed and possible to achieve. Remember that objectives must always be SMART, acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-related , or Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Fixed-term .
  • Predict and plan all the material and intangible resources necessary to carry out the project (budget, time, human resources, skills, raw materials, etc.);
  • Manage and foresee communications with the client ;
  • Predict and manage the relational and communicational flow between team members ;
  • Respect the timing and deadlines;
  • Allocate and respect the available budget ;
  • Reach the prefixed goal and, in case this does not happen, understand why it happened and define the areas for improvement of the project;
  • Respect the predetermined quality of the final output;
  • Run the project and bring it to completion ;
  • Monitor the results achieved and also the intermediate steps necessary for the development of the project, producing the reports .

What are the skills of a Project Manager?

Ok, so what skills must a Project Manager have to succeed in his task? His knowledge base is quite flexible and transversal and includes different skills, experiences and skills.

They are part of the know-how of a Project Manager :

  • The management of control processes;
  • The ability to analyze data and create reports;
  • Skills in strategy and planning;
  • Problem solving and decision making;
  • The skills of leadership and management of human resources;
  • the ability to gather information and communication skills ;
  • the ability to manage the budget and the time available.

The Project Manager today

Over the years, the figure of the Project Manager has established itself with increasing strength and clarity. Client companies are growing and have well understood the need to entrust their projects – permanent or temporary – to a Project Manager, which is why this professional figure is increasingly in demand and sought after.

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