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Plan Your Next Adventure Trip by Learning about Top Attractions in Boise

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Boise is famous as the capital city of Idaho. However, the city absolutely deserves to be the capital because it is the most populous city in the state, and it keeps its visitors happy by offering them a host of things to do, ranging from outdoor attractions to interesting museums.

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On your visit to Boise, don’t forget to explore the top-tourist attractions listed below.

Top 5 Tourist Destinations in Boise

Boise River Greenbelt
Located along the banks of the Boise River, Boise River Greenbelt offers to its visitors the wildlife and scenic views. It is the most popular park in Boise. It is an ideal park for those who are outdoor enthusiasts as if features a path for bike-riders, and popular hikes which include the Idaho Birding Trail, the Bethine Church River Trail, and one which features a scavenger hunt.

Boise River Greenbelt

Boise Art Museum
For those who love modern artworks, Boise Art Museum is not to be missed. The museum features a collection of contemporary artwork and exhibitions. The exhibits contain both temporary and permanent collections, set up in the main building. Besides, the museum has an Education Wing, a Museum Store, and a Sculpture Court. The museums also keep hosting special events from time to time.

Boise Art Museum

Zoo Boise
This zoological park in the city has a large variety of animals with the expected ones like sloths, monkeys, tigers, lions, and more. The place is mainly loved by the children and the animal-lovers because they get a chance to feed the animals such as goats, camelids, and sheeps.

Zoo Boise

Besides, the visitors can explore Butterflies Sanctuary, Sloth Bear Encounter, and Giraffes Encounter. There is also conservation with a solar-powered boat which takes the visitors around the lagoon.

Idaho Botanical Garden
Spread across 50 acres of land, Idaho Botanical Garden was created in the year 1984. The garden is divided into different themed sections such as an Alpine Garden, a Cactus Garden, and an English Garden.

Idaho Botanical Garden

This is a must-visit place in Boise if you want to check out the city’s local flora.

Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Center
If you love skiing, this is the one place in Boise that you must definitely visit. It offers the best ski location made up of landscaped areas, glades, bowls, and runs.

Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Center

Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Center has downhill slopes along with cross country skiing trails which stretch for over 20 miles.

The most ski section begins at the summit of Shafer Butte. At the height of nearly 7,600 feet, it is the highest point of the Boise Ridge Mountains.

It is an ideal place to be visited during winters to enjoy skiing. However, the place remains as lively during the summer season because it offers the activities like disc golf, horseback riding, camping, and biking to its visitors.

So, don’t miss to see these amazing places on your trip to Boise. You can connect to Delta Airlines Reservations team to help you plan your vacation to the city.

Visit Boise to do all the epic things that you would have imagined to do on you next adventure trip!

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