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MilesWeb Windows VPS Hosting: Powerful VPS for Critical Applications

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What brings you in here? The answer most probably is a need of scaling your business website because of the continuous increase in traffic flow, and the inability of your previous hosting option or service to cope up as per your updated expectations. After all, our website is an essential part of our daily workflow now, and in order to increase our business in all aspects, we need to upgrade and upscale our website. With the selection of VPS, you’ve either already had an upgrade or just have made a move as per the requirement of your upcoming website.

But, the choice of the operating system has again put you in a spot of bother and you don’t want to go wrong with it. The biggest dilemma here is of choosing one out of Linux or Windows. Let us first scrape out some surface from this dilemma, and get a clear picture of your bespoke need.

Linux or Windows OS? Which one is a perfect fit?

The selection of an Operating system out of these two depends totally on your business needs. If you have budget constraints but have ample technical knowledge to manage the backend of the website in order to make required alterations as and when needed then you can opt for Linux over Windows, as Linux is an open-source operating system. On the other hand, with Windows, you get an exclusive operating system with proper professional backend support. Of course, it comes with a price tag but just think of the growth of your business in the future.In case you are thinking of taking care of the back end on your own, then just think of the required man-hours.  

With Windows, there comes a complete solution that offers easy setup, remote desktop access and a user-friendly graphical interface. Not to forget that, all this is impossiblewithout the need of command-line programming, and if you use Office 365 for your daily business needs then you clearly have an added advantage as the native OS will be totally compatible. Other than this, Windows OS is advanced and it comes with Microsoft Applications. One more thing we shouldn’t miss, the use of Microsoft SQL database which is incompatible with Linux unless you use Windows emulator, which again needs Windows OS and database software which of course is not free. Also, if your organization requires the use of ASP and ASP.NET scripting frameworks then Windows is the only solution for you. As embedded scripts in ASP can run only on Windows servers. If by now you’ve decided to use cheap windows VPS server provider, and wish to know more about it, then let us check things in detail.

What to look for in a Windows VPS hosting provider?

Managed or Unmanaged VPS, which one is better?

If you have a backend team or you yourself have the required knowledge to handle the day-to-day server management needs then you can go with Windows unmanaged VPS hosting, but if you want someone else to take care of these daily business needs such as implementing security patches, setting up server stack, fixing of broken features as and when needed, regular management of backups and installing other required technologies, then managed Windows VPS hosting is there for you. Windows VPS hosting is one of the cheap windows hosting plans. Managed Windows VPS hosting does come with added cost, after all, knowledge of the above-mentioned tasks does make a difference.

Server essentials:

Before going on for any purchase regarding the OS please make sure, whether you are given the right amount of essentials or resources at the prescribed price point.

Required Tools:

As a backup, IP addresses, optimization, security, proper monitoring, etc. are some of the required features to ensure that the plans your hosting company offers include proper and updated tools to do the needful.

Apt Pricing:

As with anything else, make sure that the price a company offers is worth the service they give within the hosting plan. Nowadays, live comparison is easily possible so make sure to compare everything before opting for the right one for you.

Now, let us consider MilesWeb and check if they live up to our expectations.

Brief about MilesWeb

MilesWeb is one of India’s leading web hosting companies. With over 70+ web hosting options available they offer a wide range for us to suit our business requirements and financial prerequisite. Moreover with dedicated 24/7 customer support through email and live chat they have catered to 20,000+ customers. With awards and accolades, they even have gained trust in the web hosting business.

MilesWeb’s Plan options for Windows VPS Hosting

MilesWeb offers 6 exclusive plans for Windows VPS Hosting:

Features on Offer:

Hyper- V Platform: MilesWeb offers a Hyper-V platform that has a built-in SSD storage for enhanced performance and speed with reliability. It allows you to focus on important things for your day-to-day business.

Free of cost Migration:  With the policy of free and fair migration, MilesWeb offers free website migration for your website data on their provided servers.

Guaranteed Resources: Withguaranteed Windows Hosting Resources like storage, CPU and memory you get an assurance of restricted resource sharing. 

Total Admin. Access: MilesWeb gives you total control of your Windows VPS hosting activities. So, you have the freedom to install third-party applications, host multiple sites or even use it for browsingalong with the managed Windows VPS.

Strong Hardware: To makeyour Windows VPS websites ready for high traffic, MilesWeb offers strong hardware with the performance that is one of the best in the business.

Latest and Updated Technologies with easy Updates:  Their Windows VPS plans come with the latest ASP, ASP.NET, IIS, PHP and FrontPage Extensions along with monitoring of MS SQL & MYSQL.

What do their customers say?

Their customers have high professional regards for them.


Words to Conclude:

With the decision of opting for Windows VPS hosting, you have won half the battle to get your business website up and running smoothly. Now let a professional and one of the most trusted companies like MilesWeb assist you in conquering the battlefield.

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