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How To Plan Coordination For NDIS During Covid-19 Pandemic

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In this covid-19 Pandemic situation, we need to take extra care of all our loved ones. You may be staying away from them and in this situation, it is very important to coordinate with them as much as possible. It is true that we need to stay alert and away to stop the spread of the virus. The safety of our loved ones is the prime importance for us. It is a really worrisome period for all. Thankfully, we can enjoy the support of the Disability Services Perth. However, you should keep connected with them to see their smiling faces often.

As we have told that staying connected is much more important both for the disabled person and the family along with the service provider. In this age of technology, it is not that much tough for people to keep in touch. There are so many ways you can coordinate with them. The only thing you need is planning.

Check out the ways to coordinate with the disabled person and the service provider.

  • Video call: You can virtually see a person who is staying in far away with the help of the video call. Try to call them often so that they will not feel left away. It is a great way to boost the confidence and positivity among them. In this time, when outdoor activities are almost restricted depression is quite common among many people. The video call is a great way to cheer up people who may feel depressed due to the Covid-19 outbreak.
  • CCTV Camera: In case, your disabled family member lives alone, then it is very important to install the CCTV cameras everywhere in the house. In case, you have not already installed it, then do it as soon as possible. You can access the feed on your smartphone whenever you want. 
  • Coordination with the service provider: It is not only your family member, but you also have to keep in touch with the Disability Services Perth that you have hired. You can know the progress of their health. They will help you to understand that condition and suggest the best possible measures. They can also help them to take to the doctor’s appointment. From medication to physiotherapy everything will be taken care of by the caregiver of the disability service. So, to stay informed and alert about the health of your loved one, you need to communicate with the center as well.
  • Emergency Number: You need to collect all the emergency numbers that you need to handle any uncertain situation. Make a list of the numbers of available doctors, ambulance providers, local shops, and chemists. 
  • Online shopping: It is very obvious that people cannot step out of their house unnecessarily. For disabled people, it is riskier too. So, to arrange all the important things like groceries, vegetables, and medicines; you need to take the help of online shopping. For that, you need to coordinate with the immediate caregiver for the required supplies and medicines. They can also send you a copy of the prescription.
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