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Green Holidays: How to Fight Stress and Stay Fit

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Green Holidays

Green holidays: here is the natural recharge for body and soul that everyone should try. Not just a vacation, but something more. To combat stress, regain energy, balance and well-being

The green holidays are good for people’s lives, a way to combat stress and stay in shape. Commitments and work play a huge role in our life. On average, in fact, we have already spent half of our days working and we will still do it for about 30 years, depending on the circumstances. Many often think about work and also talk about it during our free time. Furthermore, there are people who are unable to rest well due to stress and thoughts related to work. In our society it is not always easy to balance work and free time and we often fail to recover the energy we need well. In reality this recovery should take place during the holidays.

The concept of “vacation ” is extremely subjective. Some are always on vacation because they never experience stressful times. However, other people may not have the same luck, or simply not be able to reach the necessary level of balance, so that they can experience their work more pleasantly.

Either way, everyone enjoys a vacation as a time out, but what matters most is how that free time is spent. Because as some wise men said: It doesn’t matter what you do but how you do it. Simple, isn’t it? Now, before we get too philosophical, I want you to define what the term vacation means to you.

Your holidays should reflect your lifestyle, but also your goals and principles. At this point, if you are looking for a way to spend your free time with friends or loved ones in a fantastic way, sit down and pay attention.

Green holidays: for guaranteed psycho-physical well-being

The green holiday is respectful of the environment, does not abuse it and helps to preserve it for future generations. Many people, while freeing themselves from work, waste their holidays because they don’t know how to experience balance and fight stress.

The objectives of the green holiday are:

  • Help you disconnect from the daily routine and build your energies again, and then have the right energy to start over;
  • Metaphorically speaking, to give health, energy and balance.

Finally, it is important to know that there are 6 powerful elements that should help you combine aspects such as: fun, health and relaxation in one fantastic green vacation.

Green holidays: the benefits for the mind

Practice mindfulness

The awareness is a very hot topic these days, as it actually affects the lives of many people. Being aware during the holidays means being fully connected to the present moment and therefore: focusing all attention on the beauty of life, freedom, family, tourism goals and so on.

Disconnect from worries completely

Do not worry Be Happy! This is exactly the motto you should approach while planning a green vacation. In fact, your state of mind is able to greatly influence the way your holidays will go and also the energy you will cultivate. Before starting your vacation, make a simple conscious effort to ignore all the worries that keep rising in your head before you even leave: only then will you be able to enjoy your time to the fullest and recharge.

Breathe simplicity with your mind

Everything is simpler than we think and a holiday can prove it to us. While visiting tourist spots, in fact, you will be able to connect to the vibes of other people who are relaxed and looking for a special moment.

Take it all with ease

Don’t be mad if you miss a bus and don’t yell at your husband or wife for a stupid mistake! Don’t destroy your day with thoughts and feelings that come and go like clouds. Leave them alone.

Green holidays: the body

Get constant exercise

Plan your vacation in such a way that you can do physical activity. For example, between destinations, find interesting routes and places to visit and then start walking. Or, before booking, make sure there is a seat after you can rent a bike. Or just stick to your daily routine, adding some extra exercise over a few days.

Pay attention to what you eat and drink during your green holiday

You are what you eat! A green vacation will certainly involve a greater focus on the foods and drinks you consume. Paying attention means not exceeding, frustrating the efforts made before departure. Try to keep your eating routine under control, combining days when you eat healthier with Trend Health when you allow yourself some extra pleasure.

Don’t be extreme

Balance is key. This is not something that can be explained, but it should also be experienced. In fact, whenever you find yourself abusing certain behaviors and when you experience certain emotions and feelings during your vacation, commit to going in the opposite direction. So, move from where you are and go back to the present moment.

Don’t overeat, don’t drink too much, and don’t overdose. Stay healthy and balanced!

Green holidays: conclusions

Why take a simple holiday, when you can have a green holiday which mostly young adults struggling for making program? The holidays should regenerate, but are often exhausting. Prioritize balance and finally take today’s tips and tricks to make the most of your next vacation.

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