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Getting Your Blood Drawn- What To Expect

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Preparing Yourself For The Blood Test

Are you ready to give your blood? Does it sound horrific to you? A lot of people fear a lot about blood being drawn from their body. Will it hurt? This is the most harrowing question for everyone, especially for those who are really afraid of needles and blood. The thing is, when the needle is inserted into your skin, you might feel a little sting. But don’t take this sting like a bee sting. It doesn’t hurt like that. It’s just an uneasy feeling.

The blood taken during the test is easy and quick. A lot of times people don’t even realise that the needle is out. It’s the fear of the needle that makes people afraid of the process.

How the blood drawn process starts?

Every blood test process is different and you have to follow different rules prior to the test. Your provider will let you know what you have to do and prepare yourself for the specific blood test. If you have any doubts or want to ask something about the test, you must consult with your provider. Before you go for the test, research well on the UK based well known private blood tests clinic in London because a reputable clinic can get a good control over any type of patients.

The process begins with the collector who will be collecting your blood. He will do a venipuncture (which means puncturing the veins). This process can also be done by either a doctor, or a nurse or a phlebotomist who is again a trained specialist in collecting blood.

If you have some anxious thoughts in your mind, you must let the collector know about it before the process begins. The collector are specially trained in this and can slow down the process making you more comfortable about the process. After you are in the most comfortable situation, the collector will tell you to lie down. If you are allergic to the medical tapes, isopropyl alcohol or latex, let the person know about it.

When you are told to fast

A lot of blood tests requires you to fast for either 8 hours or 12 hours. Fasting means you should abstain from taking any type of food and beverages. You are allowed to drink water. If you are put on some medications, don’t forget to take them prior to the test. There are some Blood tests London which doesn’t require you to drink water. It’s always worthwhile to confirm and clear things out with your provider.

You must drink plenty of water

If you are abstained from eating anything, you must drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated! Many people think that they should not be drinking water before the blood being drawn but this is completely wrong. If you drink plenty of water, it will help in regulating your blood and will have a smoother flow in your body. The more you drink water, it would be easier for the collector to draw the blood out from your veins.

A lot of times, you are supposed to give urine test. If you fill your bladder, it would be easier for you to provide the sample.

Does your insurance cover up the tests?

If you are on to an unusual test and you must be thinking if your medical insurance cover up that, it would be better if you call your insurance right away. You can consult the staff if you don’t know how to do that. A lot of companies do help you in discussing with the payment option if you find out that the particular Blood tests London is not there in your insurance coverage. Many labs provide discounts if you pay upfront at the time of service.

What happens at the time of blood collection?

A small needle will be inserted into one of your veins. They will be able to identify your vein as they are very expert but in some cases, your veins are unidentifiable. That way it would be very difficult to find it out.

The person who will be collecting the blood will first tell you to clench your fist. This will help him to understand about the right position of the veins. He will take out a very small amount of blood. The blood is then transferred to the tube. This tube will then sent to the laboratory.

After the blood is drawn carefully, a cotton-wool dressing is taped over the puncture site. You will then have to apply a gentle pressure on that particular area. Usually, it for 1-2 minutes. Leave the dressing for 2-4 hours. Avoid any type of swelling and bruising.

The tubes will be sent to the laboratory where the blood is analysed.

If you have any type of uneasiness feeling or you have fainted during the process, you will be advised to stay until you have recovered well. These things are completely normal. If you tend to bleed or bruise, let the collector know.

The best thing to prevent any bruising is not to carry any heavy objects or do any type of strenuous exercises that can have heavy pressure on that arm at least within 24 hours of your blood test.

All these procedures for the blood test from London Private Blood Test Clinic must have helped you in clarifying a lot of your doubts. Blood drawn process is relatively simple and quick enough to feel for any uncomfortable situation.

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