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FUE Hair Transplant Clinic Pakistan

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FUE is a modern technique of hair transplantation. Over 60% of men and 50% of women suffer from androgenetic alopecia. Since this type of hair loss is a semi-natural process, and medication can only inhibit this temporarily, hair transplantation is the only method to restore hair permanently. There are different techniques of hair transplantation, all with their advantages and disadvantages. The most common method is ‘Follicular Isolation Technique (FIT) or so-called ‘strip method’. In recent years, new methods have been developed, of which the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the most promising, naming it ‘FUE’ (follicular unit extraction).This involves the removal of follicular units individually from the donor area. In this technique, the depth of insertion of the sharp punch should be limited in order to prevent the transection of the follicular units. This has resulted in the development of serrated punches or dull surface-punches, significantly reducing the transaction. The hair should be shaved to 1-2 mm length in order to save the time. This technique is truly minimally invasive which results in decreased postoperative pain, rapid recovery time, above all, avoidance of the straight line scar in the donor.

The 1 mm diameter punch was used in all cases for extraction. The speed of the machine was adjusted according to the degree of resistance in the individual patients. The extracted FUs were then trimmed under the microscope.

Although the strip method is the most efficient means of obtaining follicular units, it produces a linear scar in the donor area. However, if the strip is too wide, the patient’s scalp is too tight or if the closure of the wound edges is too tight, a widened scar can result. Our hair transplant clinic in Lahore is routinely performing through micro F.U.E. technique where 0.8 mm punch is used for grafts extraction.

FUE eliminates the linear scar. It is generally considered for those who want to wear very short hair on the back and sides or in patients who want to shave their heads. This technique requires more skill in the part of the physician and more cost on the part of the patient than the strip method. It has evolved to more technically sophisticated, and to the latest development. The key point in this method is the intact, damage-free removal of follicular units. It is practically a blind procedure. Newer instruments and techniques claim to lessen the problem of transaction and improve the effectiveness of this technique.

There are a few misconceptions about FUE. The total area of scarring in FUE is larger than follicular unit transplant linear scar. It is just that the individual scars are tiny, but distributed over a larger area. Technique is also felt to decrease the healing time. However the small open wounds tend to ooze more and develop the crust for a number of days. Similarly, the hair in the donor area has to be shortened for extraction of the follicular units. The method is more difficult to learn and master. This technique has posed many advantages over the strip method. In follicular unit extraction, the strength of the donor area is never compromised. Similarly, the non-scalp hair can also be harvested. Hair transplant by means of this technique is extremely long lasting and it is one of the most successful hair loss treatments currently available. Baldness treatment in Lahore is available through FUT & FUE techniques and both these procedure cover nicely bald area of head. However many clinics and patients prefer Fue hair transplant technique.

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