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Don’t Take Bath After Eating Food Know What Is Disadvantage

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A lot has changed in the 21st century. There have been many changes in people’s food, routine, way of working and lifestyle. Nowadays people do not want to work in any rules. When it comes to mind it sleeps, when it does it wakes up. Eat food while bathing or take bath while eating. But due to this changing lifestyle of the people, they are also facing many troubles. Many diseases are also increasing due to untimely work. You see how old people used to be. Used to do all his work on a fixed time. This was the secret of his long life and healthy living. If you also want to be healthy, then you have to set a time for some work. Like wake up time in the morning, time for bathing, eating time

Do you know that if you take a bath immediately after eating food, then you are harming your body. Doing this continuously can cause you many problems. Let us know why one should not take a bath immediately after eating food. What are the disadvantages of doing this?

Scientific reason – You will know that the body temperature decreases while taking bath. And blood circulation starts happening fast. Blood flow increases rapidly in other parts of the body while taking a bath. While the stomach starts to decrease. After eating food, the pepsin enzyme is released from our pancreas which works to digest food, but if you take a bath immediately after eating, the process of digesting food slows down. Therefore, bathing immediately after eating food should be avoided. Try to have a bath first and only then eat food. This will make you feel hungry and the food will be digested quickly.

Ayurvedic reason- In Ayurveda it is said that after eating food, the fire element becomes active in the body. Food is quickly digested with the fire element. But bathing immediately after eating food makes this fire cool. Due to which the food is digested late. Apart from this, bathing after eating food also increases blood circulation in hands, feet and body and reduces in the stomach. The result comes as a gift of indigestion and all digestive diseases. The elders of the house say that there is a time for everything in life. You should do all the work on time. By doing this you can avoid many troubles and stay healthy throughout your life.

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