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Come and Experience Desert Safari

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Desert Safari

Condition of the desert: As several plants and animals need special adaptations to make their survival possible in the environment but the desert’s condition makes it toughto survive. Besides their trade in the desert, routes have been a mesmerizing sight all along with the beautiful landscape particularly along the Arab deserts, Sahara deserts etc.They are making use of the  traditional mode of transportation that caravans of a camel are used for transporting goods. This is a vision to look at as well as the beautiful look of the smiling sunshine.

What You Will Experience with Dubai Desert Safari?

  • Over the years, Dubai Desert Safari has been able to record success in giving its visitors with great care and great hospitality of the Dubai atmosphere.
  • They give suitable information to their customers right on their online website
  • They assist them with adequate information which includes up to date schedules along withattractive plans to make your safari visit a memorable one.
  • There skilled drivers are steadily available to welcome youonce you land in Dubai with great pleasantries. Apart from all, they can pick you up at any part of the UAE.
  • You will get a captivating fast ride in the desert mounds, and get a beautiful gaze at the desert landscape, they will absolutely give you a stop to watch the beautiful sunset of the desert sunshine.
  • On your return to UAE, you can adore a beautiful camel ride, henna painting and much more.
  • You are provided with a very clean camp and a well-insured Bedouin camp so that you can enjoy your night and treat you to great facilities present in the desert.
  • At night, you have various delicacies like BBQ buffet dinner, Arabian coffee, soft juices, and drinks etc. You will also be treated with live shows demonstrating the Arab culture, the belly dancing, tanoura dancing, fire show etc. are lots of side attractions that will leave you with great experience.
  • What are you waiting for? Come and book your Abu Dhabi Desert Safari tour now, and we guarantee you of having a magnificent experience of Dubai desert safari.
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