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Classic Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour

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Many people in the West dream of one day visiting such remote places as Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour, but with each one that has its own taste and interest.
nepal tibet bhutan tour

Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour

It may be one of the most used clichés in the travel world, but the idea of a kingdom deep in the Himalayas inspired by the classic James Hilton’s Lost Horizon has thousands of backpacks and jet adjusters to grab their warm coats and hiking boots in search of this mystical coat kingdom. The sheer remoteness of the Himalayas has certainly been the center of many mythical stories, but one thing that certainly exists in these mountains is some of the most unique and beautiful cultures that exist on the planet. Many people in the West dream of one day visiting such remote places as Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour, but with each one that has its own taste and interest, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you the right one. Instead of struggling with it, we visit all three. It starts in Lhasa Tibet and ends in Kathmandu, Nepal. This tour will give you wonderful mountain views of Everest, Tibetan, and Nepalese culture.

Major Highlights of Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour Packages –

  1. Go down into the bowels of Potala, the imposing but soulless fortress of the Dalai Lamas.
  2. Join the mixed, grumbling pilgrims around the Jokhang Shrine, the spiritual heart of Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour packages.
  3. Follow the monks, swordsmen and other pilgrims around Barkhor, the fascinating medieval pilgrimage circuit of Lhasa.
  4. Attend a prayer meeting or debate with monks in Sera and Drepung, two of Tibet’s largest and most intact great monasteries.
  5. Wonder the turquoise waters of Lake Yamdrok, one of the holiest lakes in Tibet.
  6. Climb the dazzling Gyantse Kumbum, the monumental Chorten with its walled chapels.
  7. Worship in front of the 26 meters Golden Buddha in Tashilhunpo Monastery, a brick-sized complex of the village.
  8. Sleep in nomadic tents and look to the north side of Mount Everest.

Tibet Travel Permit is a must for a Nepal Bhutan Tibet tour packages. Its price is included in the tour offer. Send us your passport and copies of visas from China 20 days in advance and after booking a Tibetan tour we will ask for permission. Shortly after receiving permission from the Tibetan Tourism Office, we will notify you and mail it to your hotel in China by express. In some extreme cases, our staff will hand it over to you at the airport or train station. In our experience, we can really guarantee that we will get your permit at a time when Tibet is open to foreign travelers. Tibet is never known for its 5-star luxury resorts, although in Lhasa you will find, for example, the Intercontinental Lhasa Paradise, St. the St. Regis Lhasa Resort, Sheraton hotel, etc. Overall, the accommodation and services are not as good as in the coastal and central parts of China. However, from the cheap and clean youth hotel to the distinctive 3-star and international 5-star luxury hotel in Tibetan style, you will find the one that suits your interest and pocket in Lhasa. We have built cozy and safe hotels in the center of Lhasa, where you will find the Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street, which are only a few steps away from you. You can easily experience more local life and culture. Normally, when traveling to remote areas in some parts of Shigatse like Tingri or EBC, Ngari, Nagqu, etc., the accommodation would be much worse. Some may need air conditioning in the hotel; others may only have an electric cover in boarding houses. And the food is also very basic.

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