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Brand Promo Ideas from Photo Stickers

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New repositionable vinyl stickers offer groups some incredible new special devices. Advancing your band with vinyl stickers is another approach to get individuals talking. Vinyl stickers can be custom made with your band logo or life size photos of your band in real life and of the band individuals.

What is this new vinyl sticker material called? Photo Stickers. Repositionable and reusable vinyl stickers that won’t hurt dividers. You can stick them up pretty much anyplace and afterward bring them down and move them elsewhere. In the event that they get filthy, simply wash them off with warm water.

You can part with free and modest littler vinyl stickers while selling life size stickers to make an advancement that subsidizes itself.

Here are a couple of limited time thoughts:

Part with little vinyl stickers of your band’s logo at the entryway

Sell life size divider stickers of your band in real life and the individuals alongside gigantic stickers of your band logo.

Discover where specialists live and mortar their local release sheets and store windows (with authorization, obviously)

Spot them in gem cases

Put them on fan’s autos during a gig

Here are some progressively nitty gritty promotion thoughts.

The Band Brew

Because of Mike Larrabee for this thought, it’s incredible. Do you have a nearby miniaturized scale distillery? See about

getting a couple of instances of lager without front marks. At that point make your own mark and request the plan as photo stickers. You can put them on the jugs and your fans can purchase a brew and get a free limited time sticker that can be re-stuck anyplace they like.

Take This Sticker

Put your band stickers on notice sheets, windows and anyplace else you dare. Individuals can just strip them off and use them again anyplace they need. They won’t hurt dividers or windows.

Craftsman Co-Promotion

Locate a decent craftsman or two and have a month to month advancement that incorporates a constrained run of just a predefined measure of stickers highlighting a specific craftsman. At the point when they are gone, that is it, they are never again accessible. Do this every month and you can advance gathering band memorabilia and make some buzz.

Bar Graffiti

Put your band stickers everywhere throughout the bar or club you are playing in and let the crowd realize that they can strip them off and keep them.

Photos of Fans with Band Members

At every gig have one of the roadies take photos of your fans with their preferred band individuals. Gather their addresses and afterward send them some photo stickers half a month later to help them to remember the night. You can be certain that they will show their loved ones. Since they are repositionable, they can put them on their note pads or PCs to appear around and afterward put them on their divider once they are finished boasting.


Repositionable vinyl stickers are new and they get individuals talking. In addition to the fact that they are an approach to get your band picture known, they make a buzz since they are novel. Thus, don’t stop for a second, be the main band to demonstrate this new limited time apparatus to your fans. It is a reasonable method to get the word out. In addition, on the off chance that you sell the bigger six and seven foot divider size stickers it can pay for itself and you may even benefit from it in a larger number of ways than one.

Go Stickers is a 5 mil vinyl material that has a clingy back that can be moved and evacuated without hurting the surface they are put upon. In contrast to static stick, conventional stickers and custom magnets, Go Stickers are intense, solid and progressively flexible. They’re similar to stickers yet they can be utilized and re-utilized again and again. They’re similar to magnets aside from that they stick on practically any smooth surface. They are reasonable and you can make one custom sticker to one hundred thousand moderately. Keep awake to date with new patterns by perusing the photo stickers.

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