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Best Retro Swimsuits for 2020 Leaks Out!

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Look no further if you are looking for high and lower swimming clothes in the ideal plus size! Every year, Beachbum’s Blessing and Bargains gather the best swimsuits that are exclusive to suit your needs. Now, why they are special, we are showing you!

Although retro-inspired plus size swimsuits make for an alluring look, their classic vintage style easily accommodates any plus-size body. Knowing that it comes in various styles and shapes will make you love your curves. You got tons of patterns and colours to choose from, there is a look for everyone for those days when you are feeling down. Even if you are not sure of what you want, Beachbums will go the extra mile to help you identify your needs. First, let us talk about how retro plus size swimwear is a convenient choice for plus-size petite women.

The idea that retro swimsuit is available from polka dots to flattering solid-coloured bikini, these stand ready to suit a bulky physique. These designs are for women with larger busts but are also a perfect fit for any body type. Women with small busts, pear-shaped and more can equally benefit from this bathing suit. Keep reading to see the ones that qualify for the best retro swimsuits for summer 2020.

1. Marlies Dekkers 50s Holi Vintage High Waist Bikini

This is undoubtedly the best quality on our list. Not only, it looks high-end, but also you get to experience what you pay for. It is expensive than other bathing suits, putting this swimwear on will make you feel luxurious. Hence, get this for your beach day with a little something extra. This has cut lines sewing pattern in black and white, truly in a class of its own. The swim top gives you better support out of all the one-piece swimsuits.

2. I2CRAZY One Piece Backless Deep V Neck Halter Monokini Swimwear

Another one-piece swimsuit, more like eye candy for guys. It is by far the most inexpensive bikini version on this list with the incredibly comfortable bottoms, and the top comes with no support. Tie this string-based bikini top and lay on the pool/beach while being exposed! This is definitely a good investment for those looking for a swimsuit that runs large. However, ordering a smaller size than the usual size might be in your favour.

3. Esther Williams 50s Polka Dot, High-waist Bikini Bottoms + Halter top

Whether you want to dive deeper into shark cages or you wish to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, this suit from Esther Williams is everyone’s favourite for the opportunities it creates. This is super easy to wear, thus comfortable on the skin, and lastly, the quality is impressive. The bottoms are slip-proof – adds good grip for a fast burst move around in the water.

4. Unique Vintage Black Halter Shirred Derek One Piece Swimsuit

The swimsuit from Unique Vintage stands out from every angle as it supports higher quality. Despite wearing and cleaning it several times, it does not show any signs of wear and tear. The shrilled waist is friendly, allowing you to spend many beach holidays. Further, the bottom is comfortable, and the top is flexible – have it if you want to hide your stomach. This one-piece is terrific for fun at the beach, relaxing at the swim-up bar. Either way, this would be your essential swim gear.

5. Onia Marie One-Piece Swimsuit

Prevent undesirable tan lines with the sizzling hot one-piece strapless Onia. The cutouts entail a broad hint of sex appeal, while the gingham print emphasizes everything you want to hide! While this swimsuit is an absolute match for smaller busts, it covers from XS to L and has a soft ribbed material appropriate for all sizes.  These are the top five dealmakers in 2020 out of thousands of options. Just do not let them get out of stock and join us in shopping for the best retro plus size swimwear at Beachbum’s Blessing and Bargains. We store an inclusive variety of swimsuits that are available in a multitude of colours, sizes, and styles.

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