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Best Keylogger App for Android Phones – TheOneSpy

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A term key logger refers to the software that empowers the user to get all typed keywords. It allows a user to record and store all keystrokes of the targeted devices and check them later. The question is why a person feels the need for keylogger? This technology is used in industries in both hardware and software systems. But now software companies also use it in spy technology.  As everyone has a smartphone in his pocket, so we often listen about harmful incidents like cyber crimes, cyber-harassment and bullying, which mostly occur through smartphones. So, spying app also facilitates users with a key logging to secretly monitor all keystrokes on the targeted phone.

TheOneSpy is one of the most popular, powerful spy app for cell phone that provides the most advanced Keylogging features. Mostly parents and employers are getting enjoy it. Let’s discuss more Keylogger app.

TheOneSpy Keylogger App

TheOneSpy is outstanding software that not only facilitates users with unique features but also gives them benefits with its unique service. Keylogger is a most popular feature of TheOneSpy app, which allows a user to track all keystrokes of a targeted person. User can get targeted person secret usernames, passwords, credit card numbers and many more.

It helps businesses to spy on employees’ keystrokes and detect that if employees are doing any inappropriate activity. The employer can check their team members’ behaviour and interest in projects. It also enables the employer to check an individual employee’s performance. Besides that, the keylogger is also useful for parents as parents can track kids’ activities with no disturbance. Parents can check their kids’ secret accounts and their conversations. If kids are getting indulge in harmful activities, so parents can protect them. Likewise, husband/wife can also adopt this technology to track their partner secrets or if anyone is cheating others so they can protect their relationship before the situation gets serious.

Keylogger works on the mobile, browser and helps a user to track all social accounts keys. TheOneSpy provides keylogger in three different forms. Let’s look at all these with their use.

  • Password Keystrokes Logging

Password Keylogger is the tool that detects many passwords applied by the targeted person on their phone. It strongly supports the concept of ideal parenting, as parents can get all keystrokes of their teen’s accounts. Kids locked their smartphones, so parents wanted to know their privacies and secret activities. Parents can unlock secret passwords on mobile and can check their kid’s conversations with friends’ families or with unknown. User can also get the e-mail password and ID of the targeted person.

  • SMS (Short Message System) keystrokes

It allows the user to track all keystrokes applied for SMS/ messages on the targeted phone. User can get information with time stamps and dates. As people usually talk on SMS rather than calling, keylogger facilitates users to detect all secret conversation by messages. Sometimes kids get emotionally trapped in harmful circumstances, so parents can spy on them and can know the situation. SMS keystroke also facilitates employers to monitor their employee’s secret chats with unknown or with friends, etc.

  • Messenger Keystrokes

It empowers the user to get access to IM (instant messenger) and let the user know keystrokes of all social media account of a targeted person. User can get the passwords of Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, Line, WhatsApp, and many other social apps. Parents can protect kids from threat texts or bullying and such harmful problems. Similarly, employers can also check all social media accounts activities of employees.

How does TheOneSpy Keystrokes Logger Works?

If you want to work with a keylogger to detect all keystrokes, you need to have:

  • TheOneSpy Premier account app.
  • TheOneSpy software installed in your targeted phone.
  • Wither a tablet, smartphone or computer system with a good speed internet connection.
  • Now you can start instant monitoring from your user’s dashboard account by simply activating keylogging feature. Whenever a targeted person enters a password, Spy app will automatically send an alert to your user cloud account. You can also get a history of all typed keystrokes on the targeted phone.


We concluded that TheOneSpy keylogger app is one of the most powerful tools that gives the user complete access over all passwords and usernames, so the user could track their loved ones or employees’ secret activities. Over time, it will bring more innovative features to more efficiently facilitate users.

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