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Benefits of Fiber Internet Services

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fiber internet service

Fiber internet service is a data connection that uses cables filled with plastic fibers or thin glass. The data is transferred as a beam of light pulse in a specific pattern. Fiber internet services are 20 times faster when compared to the regular cable speed. What makes fiber optic cables far better than normal cable internet? It is the copper wire that combines the works. Cable internet uses metal wires to send signals. These signals become weak due to the heat produced in the metal and pick up interference. This is the reason why cable internet is clumsier and slower when compared to fiber optic internet service. If you are planning for a change, you can contact our fiber internet provider.

How does fiber optics internet service work?

Fiber optics split the movies or game files into data packets of ones and zeros. This morse code type signal is flashed to one end of the plastic or glass filament using a laser. The thickness of the wire is as thin as one strand of human hair. 

The beam of light is projected within the filament using a special sheath called cladding. The information in the form of light bounces within the fiber optic cable as far as 60 miles and reaches the modem. Here the information is decoded into readable form. Here are some of the benefits of using fiber optic internet service.

  • Speed – internet speed is crucial for business productivity. Especially if your business depends on exchanging or publishing large data files or videos, fiber optic internet is faster than the highest speed copper internet connection. Also, the download and upload speed are higher in fiber internet service, so you can quickly send and receive data. 
  • Security – fiber optics cables are the most secure internet service available these days. The information transferred through fiber optic cables cannot be hacked or trapped as there is no signal radiation. Since the security breach is financially costly, it is beneficial to use fiber internet service with high protection and security against cyber attacks. You can discuss with our fiber internet provider regarding the speed, security, and package details. 
  • Reliability – Fiber internet service is the most reliable internet service as the uptime, and data transmission is consistent with the fiber lines. Since fiber optic cables are made of glass, it works as a reliable conductor. Fiber optic cables can withstand water damage and temperature changes and are resistive to crosstalk, radio frequency interference, impedance, and other problems. 
  • Cost – the cost of fiber optic internet service has decreased significantly as it is the best choice for new can’t installation. It is known to become much cheaper as it is the best alternative for conventional copper cables. Fiber internet service provides you with higher bandwidth ranges when compared to phone and TV cables. With fiber optic internet connection, you will have more options to move applications and moving services to the cloud. It is scalable and cost-saving. 
  • Fast cloud access – nearly 80% of the business use cloud service for data storage, site hosting, business app, and CRM tools. Using fiber optic internet service, you can quickly and easily access your data and applications that are stored in the cloud. This will entice your customer service and communication with the customers and reduce delays in sales. 
  • Consistent signal – signals transmitted through DSL or copper cables have chances to degrade while the signal strength in fiber optic internet cable remains consistent over a longer distance. This advantage of fiber optic internet service makes it prominent among large businesses, organizations, and building complexes. The signal transmitted is consistent and strong over a longer distance. 
  • Lower processing delay – latency or delays that occur while processing the data over the Internet connection is another major reason for internet speed issues. Using fiber optic internet service latency is decreased to the maximum when compared to conventional copper cables. Using this fiber optic internet connectivity, you can experience symmetric speed for faster upload and download time, even for high definition videos and other larger files. It provides less latency, clear voice quality for telephone service, and faster cloud access. 

Upgrading to fiber optic internet service has many solid business benefits, and it is a considerable decision for your business to switch. Are you looking for the best deals for fiber optic internet service you can enquire with our fiber internet provider now! Whether it is a small or large business, you can contact us today for any business fiber optic internet connection queries. 

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