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Assign Employees and Setup multiple Work Location in QuickBooks

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Work Location in QuickBooks

Addressed: Learn How to set up various Work Location in QuickBooks and allocate employees in Quickbooks 

With QuickBooks Online Advanced Payroll, you can set up numerous work locations and dole out employees to them. 

How would I add a Work Location in QuickBooks? 

To add a work location: 

1. Click your company name in the upper right, and afterward click Payroll Settings. 

2. Click Work Locations under Company and Account. 

3. Click Add a Work Location. 

4. Enter the new work location address, and afterward click Save. 

What are Work Locations in QuickBooks? 

Location following is utilized to classify data from various locations, workplaces, areas, sources, or then again branches of a similar company. This feature allows you to see all the installments for one location and deposit them as a gathering. Note: This feature is just accessible for QuickBooks Online Plus and QuickBooks Advanced 

How would I add a Work location in QuickBooks on the web? 

Now that you have turned on Classes or Locations, you can make classifications for them. 

1. Go to Settings ⚙ and select All Lists. 

2. Pick either Classes or Locations. 

3. Select New, at that point enter all fundamental data. 

4. Select Save. 

How would I set up numerous divisions in QuickBooks? 

Appoint Divisions to Classes 

1. Click the “Edit” menu and select “Inclinations.” 

2. Click the “Accounting” rundown, and afterward click the “Company Preferences” tab. 

3. Select the “Utilization Class Tracking” check box and click “OK.” 

4. Click the “Rundowns” menu; at that point click “Class List.” 

5. Click the “Class” drop-down button. 

Here’s the means by which to set up new work location in QuickBooks: 

1. Select the Gear symbol on the Toolbar, at that point Payroll Settings. 

2. Select Locations. 

3. Pick Add location. 

4. Type in the Location name, Address and Phone number. 

5. Select Save. 

After you’ve set up new work locations you can allocate employees to them: 

1. From the left menu, select Employees. 

2. Add another employee or edit a current employee from the rundown. 

3. Select the Employment tab. 

4. From the Location drop-down (in the Job data area), select the employee’s work location. 

5. Select Save.

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