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Are N95 Masks Reusable? How to Disinfect N95 Face Masks to Reuse Them?

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As COIVD-19 cases continue to surge around the whole world, the demand for N95 masks and hand sanitizers has also increased. The N95 face mask is an invaluable line of defense against Coronavirus. Doctors and nurses are fighting day and night against the infectious virus COVID-19. The N95 respirator mask can protect doctors and nurses from getting infected when they come in direct contact with the patients, but the whole world is facing the shortage of N95 masks. While many countries around the world scramble to find stockpiles of the N95 mask, it is still unclear how to overcome this shortage. The best way to protect ourselves against coronavirus is to avoid exposure and follow the safety measures recommended by the CDC.

Why to wear face masks?

Masks are considered to be an essential protective gear that provides some level of protection from the harmful COVID-19 virus, and N95 masks are the best ones to use during this coronavirus pandemic, suggested by health experts or medical professionals. The N95 mask is a respirator mask designed to filter particles up to 95% or 0.3 microns containing viruses and bacteria and completely seal the entire mouth and nasal area. But the whole world has witnessed a shortage due to the sudden demand of N95 masks. There are many other face masks including KN95 mask, N99 mask, 3-ply disposable mask, Clothing mask, etc. can be used to provide protection from coronaviruses. You can purchase these from the nearest retailer shop or online. If you’re looking for a KN95 mask for sale, you can contact any reliable supplier who is selling masks online at a reasonable price.

Generally, N95 masks should be discarded after using it for 6-8 hours. But due to the limited supply of N95 masks, the government has urged people to reuse this mask (if deemed fit and safe following certain cleaning procedures) or use a homemade clothing mask. But many people get confused about how to disinfect the N95 face mask. Some people are wondering if reusing N95 masks is safe. Yes, re-use of N95 face mask is safe but as long as these masks do not lose their functionality or we can say do not lose their filtration efficiency. Before reusing the N95 masks make sure that you disinfect it using proper methods. Using an N95 mask is not enough to protect against coronavirus, you should also follow other preventive measures in order to keep yourself protected including frequently washing your hands, maintaining social distancing, practicing yoga, etc. Wear masks and gloves when you are in a public place or traveling by train or flight. You can buy PPE kit including face mask, gloves, gown, apron, face shield, etc. from any reliable supplier. You can use nitrile gloves for daily purpose. Are you looking to buy nitrile gloves at cheap rates?  You can contact any ideal supplier who is selling PPE at genuine prices.

What methods we can use to disinfect N95 Face Masks?

1. Heating

Heating is the best way to disinfect or decontaminate the virus and help recycle them for further use. You can perform dry heating methods to disinfect the N95 or KN95 respirator masks at a minimum of 70°C only for 60 minutes and it will not lose its filtering efficiency and can reuse it. This process is only effective for 2- 3 times.

2. UV Sterilization

UV sterilization process is other way to disinfect or decontaminate the viruses from the N95 mask and can make them safe for reuse. In this method, N95 mask is sterilized using UV rays for 60 minutes and it is enough to disinfect the masks effectively and 10 minutes for the metal portions. This way may damage the materials of the masks.

3. Water & Soap

The easiest and simplest way to disinfect the N95 masks is to wash it with soap and hot water. You can simply put the N95 masks in the boiled water for 10 to 20 minutes and then keep it to dry. But this is not the best way as washing masks reduces their filtration effectiveness and is not suggested by the CDC. So, it would be better to dispose of the mask after using it and use the new one. You can n95 respirator mask disposable from any reliable supplier online at affordable prices.

4. Alcohol-washed

Alcohol-washed method is a simple and easy way to disinfect the N95 masks. Take 70% alcohol & 30% water in a container and soak the respirators mask into the alcohol & water solution for 2 hours. Then take out the masks from the solution and keep it to dry and then the masks are ready to use. You can use an alcohol-based disinfecting spray to disinfect the N95 mask. This decontamination process is not safe to use as it results in non-protective masks after a single decon cycle.

Well, no methods for disinfecting the N95 masks are approved by the CDC. So, it is advised to dispose of the masks after using it for 6-8 hours. Rather than using an N95 mask, you can use other face masks such as KN95 mask N99 mask, 3-ply disposable face mask, and homemade cloth mask. Are you facing difficulty finding N95 masks? There are many best online sites that are delivering a variety of face masks at your doorstep. Search for them and buy N95 masks or 3-Ply Children face masks for your kids.

Safe Ways to Wear Face Mask

Wearing a face mask is mandatory during this coronavirus pandemic but it’s also important to sterilize and disinfect your masks before and after use. It’s also important to keep them safe so that you prevent the risk of unnecessary exposure.

  • Always wash your hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer before and after use or simply, wash your hands with soap and hot water.
  • Use the ear loops or strings of the mask to put or remove the mask. Do not touch the front portion.
  • Be sure that mask fits snugly over your mouth. A good mask should completely seal and cover your nose, mouth, and let you breathe properly.
  • You can also consider the use of a face shield if you’re using an N95 mask with exhalation valves to prevent the risk of contamination, especially in a crowded public place or while traveling.

When you are looking to reuse n95 respirator mask disposable, ensure that you follow only the recommended methods for cleaning and disinfecting the mask, before using it. Also, limit re-using it for once, as reusing it again and again becomes too risky.

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