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Al-Ain City Tour And Desert Safari Adventure-Incredible And Worthy Places To Visit In Sharjah

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I am a blogger and I love to travel to new places. To explore thrilling and adventuresome areas is my passion. I know it is a hard time for all of us to stay at home. The quarantine days are non-productive and lethargic. That’s why I want to keep myself busy in interesting activities like I have started sharing my tour experiences with my fans. Today, I am going for some recommendations. I always love to go UAE but I never have an idea about this unseen beauty. I recommend all the readers to go for desert safari adventure when you are visiting Sharjah.  Many people will be interested in knowing about the exorbitant activities, so here I am describing them.

The desert safari Sharjah deals are inclusive of pick and drop in luxury SUV cars like Nissan Petrol or Land Cruiser. The total duration of this adventuresome tour is comprised of 6 hours.

  1. Dune Bashing:

The first desert sport that you will encounter is dune driving. The lofty dunes in Sharjahare perfect for bashing. The adrenaline junkies love to enjoy this ravishing activity. The beveled slopes provoke a blast of energy in veins.

  • ATV Quad Biking:

The ATV quad biking is an exhilarating two or three-wheel journey in the desert. This scenic sport is like zipping across the elevated saffron-colored dunes. You roamed about the desert exploring the desert in your own way. The pressure is reduced in the tires to maintain momentum and speed.

  • Sand skiing:

The gigantic and big red dunes of the Sharjah are perfect to enjoy sandboarding. Stand on the edge of the inclined dunes with your feet fixed on the sandboard. The crust and trough will rush electrical pulse in your body while slipping down through them. Keep yourself hydrated with chilled refreshments and mineral water to avoid parching.

  • Intercontinental Dinner:

The visitors are served with sumptuous BBQ dinner with a spicy sauce dripping over it. This finger-licking dinner is a feast for taste buds. The fragrance of Arabic coffee aka ghawa feels delighted and sweet.

  • Entertainment Activities:

The desert safari Sharjah deals include a bundle of entertainment activities at the campsite. The complex Tesoro dance movements of belly dancers on synchronized Arabic flutes are worthy to watch. Tanura dancers gyrating on traditional Arabic songs exert a soothing effect on nerves. The stickman show and fire show are enjoyable activities for visitors of all ages. Their amazing performances will leave you spell bound.

  • Photography Session:

There are professional photographers to capture stunning photographs of the visitors. Having Arabian Eagle on the arm is not less than an adventure; especially the children love to have them. It seems lovely to take charismatic pictures in the deserts.

  • Arabic Sheesha Pipes:

You will always remember the flavor of the traditional rich tobacco Arabic sheesha pipes feels. It is non-hazardous as nicotine never enters in the body.

It was a brief summary of the desert safari adventure. There is another lovely tour that should not be missed. It is Al-Ain city tour. Let’s have a look at it. It is also known as a garden city that is a perfect place to release anxiety from the hectic routine. The rich palm oasis and lush green gardens leave a sense of serenity. This luxurious city of gardens is located 120 km away from Dubai. Al-Ain city tour from Sharjah includes a number of incredible places and attractive buildings to visit during your tour to UAE.

  • Al-Ain camel market is a true illustration of traditional Arabic lifestyle and culture. It is 8km away from the central Bawadi Mall. This largest livestock market for the purchase of cattle, goat, and camels of the world class races.
  • Sheikh Zayed palace museum represents the residential place of the founder of the nation and first president of UAE, Sheikh Zayad Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. This historical site has a beautiful art gallery, majlis, courtyard, and garden to visit. It is a true glimpse of Muslim heritage.
  • On the eastern side of Al-Ain national museum, there is a glorious garden that represents the traditional culture of the Middle East. This archeological building gives a panoramic view of its outskirts from the top floor. This museum will take you back into the Bronze Age.
  • The rich beautiful date palm groves at the Al Ain Oasis are famous for the production of dates and traditional Arabic fruits. It has more than 40 million date palm trees to capture that capture the attraction of tourists.

Al-Ain city tour from Sharjah is a full blend of history, culture, tradition, and lovely landscapes that are worthy to visit. When this quarantine will be over, I will definitely go to these places.

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