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Air Conditioner Cleaning: 3 Reasons Why You Is AC Odor

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AC is a tool that most bought during the summer. However, the air conditioner can only work optimally only if you take proper care of it. A dirty air conditioner can cause a variety of infections and diseases. That is why, AC cleaning and servicing is important both before and after the air conditioning season. But what happens if we do not get it serviced regularly? One of the most common problem people faces is that they start to smell foul air conditioning. This happens mostly because of fungal and bacterial growth in the air conditioning duct. So, if your air conditioner smell, get the air conditioning duct cleaning done. But first, what causes this stench? Let’s find out. Hire us for ac repair in pune and Kolkata.

Top 3 Reasons Why Your AC is odor

, When the air conditioner you smell dirty socks

The first reason why you blew air conditioning smell is due to the build-up of mold (fungus) and bacteria in the air conditioning duct. Diseases that cause bacteria and fungi that are harmful to human health.

All of the air conditioner works by converting the heat into the cold air. This process leads to condensation and the formation of tiny droplets of water inside the air conditioning unit. These droplets of water must flow out through the air conditioning ducts, but when the humidity and the rest of the water causing fungi and bacteria to grow inside the air conditioning duct. This causes a moldy smell foul on AC are similar to the smell of dirty, old socks. An AC odor calls to clean air conditioning and maintenance.

Pro Tip: You will see some accumulation of greenish-black on pipes and ducts if there is mold infestation. To prevent this air conditioning duct cleaning get done regularly.

2. When your air conditioner smelled ROTTEN EGGS

If your room is a rotten egg smell when you turn on the air conditioning, most likely caused by a dead insect or animal somewhere stuck in AC. Insects, rodents and even birds often go into a dark room air conditioner. Failing to get out, they die and begin to decompose inside. This causes a very foul odor, which makes it difficult to stay in the room. If you notice this odor, do not waste time and book AC repair services of All Electric Care. A dead animal in the air conditioner can spread the disease. Get the animal is removed and AC cleared at the earliest. It has been thoroughly sterilized to prevent germs posts that build.

When you smell the air conditioner MOLDY

If you see a violation, linger and smell the sponge every time you turn on your air conditioner, there may be a problem with the sewer. The drainage systems in each AC collect condensed water droplets and filter them out of the machine. However, if the drain is clogged or malfunctioning system for some reason, the water will not be drained out. It will accumulate in the drain pipe and become a breeding ground for all kinds of fungi, bacteria, fungi and other germs. So, get the AC cleaning is done from time to time to ensure the proper functioning of your air conditioner.

How to Deal with A smell of AC? Taking care of your tools is very important. The air conditioning system requires proper and regular cleaning, servicing and maintenance. All Electric Care with your hand, clean the air conditioner, repair and maintenance of all the easier. Regular cleaning and check-up of your air conditioner will help you in avoiding maintenance costs unexpectedly. So do not wait and book your air conditioning repair service today! All Electric Care provides complete ac repair in Kolkata and plenty of cities of India.

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