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5 things to look for in an experienced violin teacher

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Violin is a great instrument to learn. It is a classic instrument that adds color to any music piece. So, it is not a surprise that many still want to learn this amazing instrument at any age. The fastest way to learn new things, especially a musical instrument is through the help of a professional. There are many violin school Singapore studios that are equipped with experienced violin teachers. However, it might be more challenging for adults than children to find a violin teacher. This is because there are far more things to consider in an adult’s life and therefore harder to land the violin class Singapore session. 

The key to a successful journey in learning how to play violin is landing on the violin teacher that best fits you and your needs as a beginner. When you are able to find the violin teacher that you are comfortable with then a pleasant and enjoyable experience in the process of learning violin awaits you. In this article, we will help you trim down and choose which violin teacher you should be looking for as we talk about 5 things to look for in an experienced violin teacher. 


First thing you should note from your violin teacher is his or her background. This does not only involve musical education background but things even beyond that. It involves musical education, experiences as a violinist, and as a violin teacher. Whether they have been teaching in a group setting or as a private violin teacher is also important. 

Musical education background should not have to be grand. Your violin class Singapore teacher is not required to have graduated from Juilliard or to have a musical degree. However, a decent musical education background still depends on your expectations as the student. Look for someone that you would trust. If your expectations point you to someone being a degree holder in music then enroll in his or her classes. Although for some, a few years of musical education should suffice. Add a few years of experience should be enough credentials. No matter what you choose, you must be comfortable and you feel like you could trust your violin teacher to conduct your violin class Singapore sessions. This way, learning with him or her would be effective. In addition, your violin teacher should also have experience in playing whether as a soloist or in a band. Not everything we need to learn is taught in the four walls of the classroom. Therefore it is important if one also has the experience playing in front of an audience and playing with other people. 

Your selection process can also factor in the years of teaching violin class Singapore sessions one has. It is important to have experience in teaching because simply practicing or being able to learn an instrument is far different from being able to teach how to play it. Their experience can vary from teaching a group or in private with a private violin teacher.


No matter how meticulous you are in selecting your violin teacher, you can still land the wrong one whe he or she is dishonest. One thing you can do to make sure that your teacher is honest uis through hiring your violin class Singapore teacher through an agency or a music studio. This way, a credible institution can vouch for them. Having an honest teacher is not only important during the first steps but is also beneficial in the long run as you would your teacher to evaluate you in full honesty. You would never know what to improve if your teacher is afraid to tell you the truth about your progress. 


For busy individuals, especially adults, a flexible violin class Singapore teacher is really important. One should be able to give you the freedom to choose when to hold the violin class Singapore sessions. Your teacher must be able to understand that you have different things on your plate as well. However, flexibility is more applicable when you are enrolled in intimate lessons with a private violin teacher.


As much as playing the violin is a passion, being a violin teacher is a profession. With this, violin teachers are not only teaching violin to burn time but also to earn money. Find a violin class Singapore teacher that is not only awaiting pay day but also someone who is passionate and committed enough to patiently teach you and guide you the process of learning the violin. This should be applicable whether you hire a private violin teacher or attend group lessons.

Feedback from others

Hearing feedback from others can also be helpful since they are the ones who have experienced the services your violin teacher is offering. To get credible and truthful feedback, enroll in a violin class Singapore studio where they have handled a number of customers in both groups or private violin lessons.

Introduced to other culture

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