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5 Reasons To get Wheel Spacers

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Wheel spacers are round disk-shaped components used for the smooth installation of the tyres. They create a space between the wheel hub assembly and wheels to avoid a collision when the vehicle is moving. They are used when the size of the tyres are not suitable for the axle. They are two types of wheel spacers in the market bolt-on and slide-on, depending upon your requirements.

Additionally, you must also ensure that the spacers’ bolt pattern matches that of vehicles to allow proper mounting. The tyres are then fitted over the spacers. Usually, wheel spacers are considered a dangerous addition to the car, but they can be worthy of customisation when fitted properly. 

Increases aesthetic value

The most popular reason for installing Nissan wheel spacers is the attractive wheelbase look. It provides an outward alignment to the tyre so that they can be aligned more with the fenders. However, you also have the option to push it even further to give your car a bulky look.

Heavy tyres usually come with heavy designs to add a masculine look to the vehicle. If you drive a powerful car with a large car frame, you can go for this customisation to give a beastly appearance.

Improved corner steering

In the usual vehicle structure, the centre of gravity lies somewhere in the middle. Therefore, when steering into the sharp corners, the rear part of the car tends to slide because of the imbalance of forces acting on tyres. As a result, when the vehicle is accelerated after coming out of the corner, it drifts.

Installing wheel spacers will push the tyres outward, thereby creating a wider vehicle frame. Hence, the centre of gravity will relocate to the outer frame, and you will get more control when steering around sharp corners. You will also get a smooth acceleration once you have steered the car completely. Therefore, your vehicle’s overall on-road performance will improve.

Use of lighter materials

One of the biggest criticisms of car wheel spacers is that they make the steering heavy, making driving difficult. It happens because of an incorrect choice of spacers. Modern-day wheel spacers are built of very light materials to minimise the steering pressure.

One of the best choices in wheel spacers materials could be aluminium billet. They are stronger and sturdier than the wheelbase and can withstand extreme pressure. Therefore, it is recommended that you put in some market research before you decide to go for wheel customisation.

Improves wheel compatibility

When you opt for wheel customisation, you have to ensure that it is compatible with the vehicle frame; otherwise, it will meddle with the suspension and overall wheel hub assembly. Usually, the wheel that comes with the package has an incompatible offset which disturbs the installation.

However, if you choose to add a wheel spacer, it will ensure that your wheel offset is compatible with the vehicle and gives you the liberty to experiment with various sizes.

Bigger braking system

When you upgrade the tyre size, the usual braking system becomes slightly ineffective due to the bigger rim size. However, installing a wheel spacer will give you an extra interior room to fit a bigger braking kit.

The braking kit upgrade requirement is a minimum rim size of 17 inches, which gives you an alternative to add some extra size without compromising the performance and safety.

Generic spacers give you a trial option.

If you want to test the application of wheel spacers before going for permanent customisation, you can try the generic ones. They are compatible with all types of bolt structures and give you the exact experience. Once you are convinced, you can switch to permanent hub space savers built specifically to your vehicle’s frame. Then you can adjust the torque and fittings according to your needs.

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