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3 Tips for Picking the Right Private School in Pune

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It can be pretty easy for parents to pick the right school for their child if they employ some tried and tested tips. This post will shed light on some of those tips. Read on to know more.

As a parent, it is one’s responsibility to provide their child with a quality education. Hence, when it comes to choosing the best CBSE school in Pune, parents often find themselves in a pickle as there are many options in a large city like Pune, both government-run and privately funded schools, to confuse anyone.

Are there any tricks that can help parents narrow down their choices for the perfect school for their child?

Here are a few tips shared by parents who have admitted their children after thorough research:

Proximity of the School to the Home

One must always choose a school for their child that is located close to the child’s home. It is crucial since it allows a parent to avoid worrying unnecessarily.

In case of an emergency, the parent can quickly reach the school and pick up their ward and head home. In case the school is a long way from the child’s home, then the parent might lose some valuable time while reaching the school to pick their child.

Whether one is looking for the best CBSE school in Pune or any other city in India for that matter, a responsible parent should always choose a school that is close to their home or workplace.

The Fee Structure of the School

It is best to keep in mind that the most expensive product or service is not always the best.

It is a general perception that a school with an expensive fee structure or large campus delivers quality education. A parent should refrain from having the same misconceptions when choosing a school for their child.

A child needs to receive a quality education and be subjected to opportunities that would allow them to hone their skills. Still, at the same time, a parent must not lose their senses to exorbitant aspirations, leading them to enrol their child to an expensive school. At first, such a decision might appear to be a good one for the child, but as time progresses and expenses mounts up, the parent might find themselves in a financial mess.

Hence, it is best to choose a school that comes with a fee structure that is reasonable and affordable.

The Curriculum Followed and List of Extracurricular Activities

A parent should work best to analyse the curriculum followed even at the pre-primary and primary school level. The extracurricular activities offered by a school before enrolling their child. The reason is simple — both aspects are essential to prepare a child for the future.

A parent should ensure that the school they have chosen meets the highest standards in terms of:

  • Its teachers
  • Its teaching methodology
  • Its academic curriculum.

Furthermore, an ideal school will also offer its pupils with diverse extracurricular activities such as:

  • Outdoor games
  • Team sports
  • Art & craft
  • Personality development and community initiatives
  • Physical education training
  • Dance & drama 

All these activities help students explore their hidden interests and talents. Moreover, they are vital for the child’s holistic growth, an important step in becoming responsible future citizens.

Convincing, right?


With the tips mentioned above, any parent can make a more informed decision while picking the right school for their child. For the best results, a parent should pay a visit to the school they like for their child in a bid to get a better look into the same. Browsing through online reviews on Google and other online review platforms and directly interacting with parents whose children are studying in your shortlisted school are other recommended steps.

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